Helping you to recognise and revise working habits that affect motivation, concentration, self-esteem and achievement.

If you:

  • are too self-critical
  • put things off
  • try too hard
  • always find distractions
  • worry too much about your results and feedback from others
  • or simply don’t feel you are coping as well as you could with academic pressure, then this workshop may help.

This workshop looks at the most common patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that affect academic achievement and performance, aiming to help with the recognition and modification of these patterns.

Forthcoming workshops

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there are no face-to-face workshops and groups this term. Instead, you can watch College Tutor Mark give tips on how to manage perfectionism.

See also our information on perfectionism and don't forget you can enrol on free online courses on Big White Wall. Sign up with your academic email address.