Concerned about someone else?

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How can I help a friend?

  • Be a mate, tell them you are concerned and ask them what you can do to help (it's good to talk).
  • Listen to what your friend has to say about the situation. Sometimes people can become very anxious and upset because they have been going over and over things before they talk to you.
  • If you give advice, do so from your own experience.
  • If you feel that you cannot cope with the situation, say so and advise your friend where they might get help.
  • Don't let their problems become your problems. Make sure you look after yourself and your own wellbeing.
  • You may feel quite frustrated, impatient, helpless or even angry. These are common reactions and not something to give yourself a hard time about.
  • Encourage your friend to seek help for themselves as this will help them feel more in control of their situation.
  • You can raise your concerns with your College tutor who can provide confidential pastoral care for students.

In crisis now

Call 999 for emergency services - or for security services on campus call 01904 32 3333 or use the Safezone app.

Help and support

Concerned about yourself

Concerned about a student - staff poster (PDF  , 488kb)

Who to contact

For initial Open Door appointments please complete the online referral form which is on the Help and Support page.

Open Door 
Sally Baldwin Block B
Tel: +44 (0)1904 322140

Opening Times

Term Time: Monday - Friday 9am - 10.00pm
Vacation Times: Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm

Please note we are closed weekends and Bank Holidays.

Your friend may wish to contact a particular person such as a member of their family, their doctor or a religious worker. Listen carefully to their wishes. 

The Open Door Team is a team of professionals providing support to registered students experiencing psychological or mental health difficulties.

Things that will not help

  • taking them out and getting them drunk
  • telling the person what to do or giving them lots of advice
  • you taking over
  • you talking a lot
  • you missing your own studies or getting behind.