Accessibility statement

About the School

The School of SPS is a collaborative framework between four excellent social science research and teaching departments at York.

Academic members of the departments of Politics, Social Policy & Social Work, Philosophy and Sociology share a range of interests such as globalization, poverty, democratic governance, climate change, conflict, migration, peace, protest, development, human rights, migration, urban studies, cultural change, social media, and how these phenomena shape the contemporary human condition.

SPS provides an interdisciplinary means to explore these social challenges with students and academics through shared learning, research projects, knowledge exchange, and contributions to policy formulation.

Our teaching and research

Our interdisciplinary nature means we can draw from subject experts in a wide variety of fields, leading to high standards of research-led teaching.

Our undergraduate programme prioritises small-group seminars in which students take active roles in defining their learning paths, supported by close contact with personal tutors; while we support a graduate culture involved in a varied programme of workshops, seminars and conferences.