Top tips from York graduates

Learn your own strengths and weaknesses really well! The better you know yourself, the better you can tailor your strengths to different jobs and situations.

Have an open mind - be ready to flex and try things which may not be what you expect

Don't go for a job which might look impressive on paper but which you wouldn't be happy at. You're going to spend a lot of time at work and it's important that you are largely happy with what you're doing each day.

Alumni Voices

It was the soft skills that I’ve developed at York that have allowed me to get to where I am today. Whilst at York, I volunteered as a listening volunteer in Nightline, got involved with Halifax college life, and even had a brief stint as a mostly social player for Halifax rugby... giving me excellent tangible examples to use when applying for internships and jobs. 

Elliott Duke, Class of 2017, Economics and Finance

Audit Manager at EY

Look at the solution that you can provide to a problem that exists in your community and you will never miss your passion when you do that. I looked at the structural issues that were preventing women from being who they wanted to be in the workplace ... and I decided to focus on that. 

Olúfúnké Baruwa, Class of 2014, Public Policy and Management

The Ford Foundation

‘Give it a go.’ Whether it’s a new career path or whether it’s trying to do something expansive in your local community, things like local hydro schemes. If they don’t come off the first time, then you learn something and you can try again. I think the biggest failure is not trying in the first place because then nothing can happen if we don’t try.

Chris Large, Class of 2001, Biology

Director of Prize & Portfolio at The Earthshot Prize

Don’t be afraid to pursue your interests even if it doesn’t have an ‘obvious’ link to your career. Things you do for fun like blogging and volunteering show your passion and motivation. They make you a more interesting person and you'll end up developing useful skills and connections along the way.

Cass Hebron, Class of 2019, English Language and Linguistics

Founder of The Green Fix

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