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Guided Structure Formation Using Modular E-Pucks

The page contains videos and additional resources for the project.


We present a low-cost modular e-puck platform that is capable of forming a wide variety of shapes, under control of infra-red cameras. This work develops some of the basic infrastructure required to allow for further investigation of on-demand, and environmentally driven shape formation on modular robotic systems.


Additional Resources

More information about the tracking system and the design of the tracking hats used can be found here: tracking hat resources.

The technical report "A Low-cost Real-time Tracking Infrastructure for Ground-based Robot Swarms" (YCS-2014-489, Alan G. Millard, James A. Hilder, Jon Timmis and Alan F. T. Winfield) can be downloaded here:

More information about the modular E-Puck system can be found below.