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Details of current research students and PhD topics:

Marcus Hulme
Preventive Justice: Law, Theory and Practice
Supervisor: Professor Matt Matravers
Sherif Azer
On Tweets and Treaties: Cyberactivisits as Human Rights Defenders and their role in the Arab Spring
Supervisor: Martin Jones and Dr Alice Nah
Charlotte Ellis
Wrotham Park damages in English contract law: identifying and evaluating internal and external perspectives. Wrotham Park damages are a non-standard remedy in contract law: instead of compensation for loss, the defendant is ordered to pay damages assessed as a reasonable fee which might hypothetically have been demanded by the claimant for permission to breach the contract 
Supervisor: Professor Jenny Steele
Alice Welsh
EU Citizenship and Euroscepticism in the UK
Supervisor: Professor Charlotte O'Brien
Bader Abdeen
Is PTSD a Mitigating Defence Against Criminal Responsibility? 
Supervisor: Professor Matt Matravers
Rossella De Bernardi
A Normative Analysis of the Relationship between Political Toleration and Legitimacy in Circumstances of Disagreement about Justice
Supervisor: Professor Matt Matravers
Nu Hud
Terrorism and the Changing Face of Freedom of Freedom of Freedom of Expression in the UK
Supervisor: Dr Joanna Gilmore and Professor Matt Matravers

Enyeribe Oguh
An Examination of the Legitimacy of Regional Enforcement of International Criminal Law
Supervisor: Professor Matt Matravers
The International Refugee Regime and Legal Pluralism: Refugee Protection of the Rohingya in Aceh
Supervisor: Martin Jones
Elliott Keech
Crime, Innovation and the Technology of Money
Supervisors: Dr Sarah Wilson and Dr Henry Yeomans
Andre Pringle
What Role for Environmental Regulation in the prevention and utilisation of food waste?
Supervisors: Professor Simon Halliday and Dr Carrie Bradshaw
Jonathan Fisk
The question of the nature and purpose of consent in medicine and the extent to which these can be derived from a coherent ethical framework
Supervisors: Professor Matt Matravers
Petronel Geyser
Counter-Terrorism Financing in South Africa
Supervisors: Dr Lawrence McNamara and Professor Matt Matravers
Jessica Gracie
Vicarious Liability and the Gig Economy: A Socio-Legal Study of the Regulation and Perceptions of Risk
Supervisors: Professor Simon Halliday and Dr Phillip Morgan
Jane Hill
Patenting Artificial Intelligence
Supervisor: Dr Peter Harrison
James Killen
Human rights defenders at risk: Security, psychological trauma and state responsibility
Supervisors: Martin Jones
Stuart Long
The extent to which individual actors (e.g., school chaplains, imams, rabbis, members of a school’s senior management team) are responsible for what is “allowed” of religion in English secondary schools
Supervisor: Dr Ioana Cismas
Michael Robinson
Meeting aspirations?  Evaluating the assessment of Personal Independence Payment from a Disability Rights perspective
Supervisor: Professor Charlotte O'Brien and Dr Jed Meers
Rhiannon Griffiths
Memory, transitional justice, and social control in East Asia
Supervisor: Ioana Cismas
James Hart
The Admissibility of Conduct Subsequent to the Execution of a Contract as an Aide to Contractual Interpretation: A Doctrinal, Empirical, and Comparative Analysis
Supervisor: Phillip Morgan
Carl Makin
Regulation and reality: towards a tenant-centric understanding of social housing law
Supervisor: Caroline Hunter