Using Google Mail with other mail software

We strongly recommend that you use the web interface to access Google Mail, as it offers greater functionality and benefits.

It is possible to configure other mail clients to use Google Mail, but this comes at the cost of some functionality and reliability.


If you wish to use Outlook, we recommend that you use the Google Apps Sync tool. These instructions take you through setting this up.

Please note:

The Google Apps Sync tool does not provide perfect compatibility with all features in Google Mail and Outlook: some features may work unreliably or not at all. In some cases, synchronisation can break, and you may need to create a new profile from scratch. For more information on compatibility, please see the Microsoft Outlook feature compatibility link, below.

If you are currently accessing additional email accounts via Outlook, these will no longer appear after you have installed and set up the sync tool. They can be added again, but you may encounter problems using other accounts alongside Google Apps Sync. For more information on adding additional accounts, please see the instructions for Delegated Access with Outlook, at the bottom of the Non-personal accounts page. 

  1. If you are using an IT Services managed PC, you can download the sync tool from Start | All Programs | Software Center. If you are using an unmanaged or personally owned PC, the sync tool can be downloaded directly from Google here: Google Apps Sync tool.
  2. Once installed, go to the Windows Start menu, open All Programs, then choose Google Apps Sync and Set up a Google Apps Sync user.
  3. Enter your full University of York email address and your password. Ensure the Remember me box is ticked and click Continue.
  4. Your web browser will open up a new window (you may prompted to enter your university email address and password again) with a list of permissions for which Google Apps Sync needs approval. Press Accept. You can then return to the Google Apps Sync setup window.
  5. In the following screen ensure the ‘Import data from an existing profile’ box is not ticked and select Create profile.
  6. Select Start Microsoft Outlook.
  7. In the Choose profile window, select OK.
  8. Outlook is now syncing with your University of York Google Mail account, this process can take some time, but you can continue to send and receive email while this is taking place.
  9. At this stage you will also need to reset your signature; this can be done in Outlook by going to Tools, Options, Mail Format, Signatures.

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