Accessibility statement

Policy for bulk emailing

The University has a policy of minimising bulk emailing to constituencies within the University. The general policy is that students will not receive unsolicited email from the University except in direct relation to their course, or with information relevant to their studies and/or welfare. The following principles apply:

  • Bulk emailing to students should normally take place only in direct relation to their courses.
  • Bulk emailing may also be used in emergencies or when feedback is required from a statistically significant sample; such bulk emailing should be explicitly authorised by the Registrar.
  • Departments, research groups and other bodies which wish to email students on issues not relating directly to their courses are encouraged to set up their own Google Groups to which students may subscribe at any time.
  • Feedback should normally be collected via approved systems (eg Google Forms, Qualtrics) and the number of email reminders should be kept to a minimum. IT Services can advise on appropriate feedback tools.

This policy is formally owned by Information Strategy Group and reviewed by ISB. Reviewed on 10 May 2018.