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‌Pesticide Behaviour in Soils, Water and Air

30 August – 1 September 2017, University of York, UK

This page contains PDF copies of all platform and poster presentations.

Platform sessions

Platform Session 1 - Laboratory-scale investigations of fate in soil, water and air

P-01 (PDF , 1,731kb) Rebecca Southwell - The impacts of light and season on isopyrazam degradation in river microcosms - University of Warwick, UK

P-02 (PDF , 2,716kb) Markus Telscher - Revealing the nature of bound residues in soil remains a challenge - Bayer Crop Science Division

P-03 (PDF , 2,536kb) Christian Albers - Pesticide sorption in fractured clayey tills varies substantially depending on soil domain and manure addition - Geological Survey of Denmark & Greenland, Denmark

P-04 (PDF , 972kb) Marc Lamshöft - Evaluation of a novel test design to determine uptake of chemicals by plant roots - Bayer AG on behalf of the IVA working group, Germany

P-05 (PDF , 2,062kb) Coraline Mattei - Degradation of pesticides adsorbed on atmospheric particles: Influence of humidity on the reaction with OH radicals - Aix-Marseille Université, France

Platform Session 2 - Interactions between pesticides and microorganisms

P-06 (PDF , 2,284kb) Irene Bramke - Sensitivity of pesticide biodegradation kinetics to erosion in soil microbial species richness - Syngenta, UK

P-07 (PDF , 1,869kb) Annette Rosenbom - Conservative tracer bromide inhibits pesticide mineralisation in soil - Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Denmark

P-08 (PDF , 1,127kb) Dimitrios Karpouzas - The degradation of thiabendazole by a proteobacterial consortium: The key role of a Sphingomonas member identified via SIP and meta-omic analysis - University of Thessaly, Greece

P-09 (PDF , 1,512kb) Fabrice Martin-Laurent Fate, biodegradation and ecotoxicological impact of the bioherbicide leptospermone on soil bacterial community - INRA, France

P-10 (PDF , 1,962kb) Olivier Crouzet - The significance of soil algae and cyanobacteria in agricultural soils, as a model of soil microbial communities, for the pesticide risk assessment - INRA, France

Platform Session 3 - Field-scale investigations of fate in soil, water and air

P-11 (PDF , 2,150kb) Bernhard Gottesbüren - "Southside" bridging the hemispheres - New Zealand vs. Europe Global use of field trials based on ecoregion similarities - BASF SE, Germany

P-12 (PDF , 839kb) Wolfram König - How protective is FOCUS groundwater modelling on sandy soils? - A comparison of simulated and measured leachate concentrations - Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt), Germany

P-13 (PDF , 2,144kb) Jesús Marín-Benito - Modeling s-metolachlor leaching in an agricultural soil covered with plant residue - Instituto de Recursos Naturales y Agrobiología de Salamanca, Spain

P-14 (PDF , 3,133kb) Trygve Aamlid - Risks for surface runoff and leaching of fungicides from golf greens varying in rootzone composition and amount of thatch - Norwegain Institute of Bioeconomy Research, Norway

P-15 (PDF , 1,962kb) Louise Wipfler - Validation of the Greenhouse Emission Model for a Dutch soilless growing system - Wageningen UR, The Netherlands

P-16 (PDF , 2,464kb) Teresa Vera - Ozone and secondary organic aerosol production by interaction between pesticides and biogenic VOCs - Fundacion CEAM, Spain

Platform Session 4 - Landscape studies into pesticide fate and exposure

P-17 (PDF , 2,004kb) Nick Jarvis - Spatial and temporal patterns of pesticide losses to surface water in a small agricultural catchment - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

P-18 (PDF , 6,151kb) Robin Sur - Application of High-Resolution Monitoring Data and the SWAT Model for the Identification of Herbicide Source Areas in a High Agricultural Intensity Catchment - Bayer AG, Germany

P-19 (PDF , 1,933kb) Bernhard Jene - Vulnerability assessment to select surface water scenarios for aquatic risk assessment in Brazil - BASF SE, Germany

P-20 (PDF , 3,812kb) Junying Zhou - Development of Groundwater Exposure Simulation Tool for Pesticides Used in Rice Paddy in China - Nanjing Institute of Environmental Science, China

P-21 (PDF , 3,472kb) Marc Voltz - Integrated Modelling of pesticide fate in agricultural landscapes - INRA, France

Platform Session 5 - Advances in design and interpretation of pesticide monitoring programmes

P-22 (PDF , 2,030kb) Emilie Adoir - Comparison of a method of interpretation of pesticides public surface water monitoring data and a knowledge-based model of pesticides transfer at national scale - Irstea, France

P-23 (PDF , 1,298kb) Simon Spycher - New insights into agricultural pesticide dynamics through a complete and continuous pesticide screening during one growing season in five small Swiss streams - eawag, Switzerland

‌ Zisis Vryzas - Pesticide monitoring programmes in surface- and ground-water bodies of an Europe - Asia transboundary river basin - Democritus University of Thrace, Greece

P-25 (PDF , 5,974kb) Jenny Kreuger - Long-term monitoring of pesticides in air and atmospheric deposition in Sweden - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

Special session to commemorate Dr Richard Allen

Introduction_DrRA (PDF , 1,042kb) Dave Arnold: Introduction

P-26 (PDF , 388kb) Russell Jones - Work of a SETAC Group to Develop the Scientific Basis for Guidance for Regulatory Ground Water Monitoring: Study Designs - Bayer, USA

P-27 (PDF , 1,201kb) Jos Boesten - Limited penetration depth of pesticide applications in a soil with Freundlich sorption and SFO degradation - Wageningen Environmental Research, The Netherlands

Platform Session 6 - Innovative approaches in mathematical modelling

P-28 (PDF , 1,371kb) Eline Haarder - Is detailed sorption characteristics regarding soil domains and effects of manure imperative for the estimation of pesticide leaching through macro porous fractured clayey till? - Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Denmark

P-29 (PDF , 1,658kb) Katrin Huber - Coupled root water and solute uptake - a functional structural model - Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, Germany

P-30 (PDF , 1,959kb) Hie Ling Wong - Development of a model to estimate airborne concentrations of pesticides downwind of treated fields - University of York, UK

P-31 (PDF , 1,922kb) Yan Cheng - Simulating the Fungicide Chlorothalonil in East Tiaoxi River Using the RICEWQ-EXAMS Model - Nanjing Institute of Environmental Science, China

P-32 (PDF , 2,067kb) Suciu Nicoleta - Higher tier approaches for linking environmental exposure to bioaccumulation in regulatory context: MERLIN-EXPO tool estimations versus monitoring data - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy

Platform Session 7 - Mitigation and management for sustainable use of pesticides

P-33 (PDF , 1,448kb) Michael Houbraken - Reduction of post-application pesticide volatilisation by formulation - Ghent University, Belgium

P-34 (PDF , 2,988kb) Annika Agatz - Assessing the efficacy of pesticide placement strategies with a novel approach to fate modelling - University of York, UK

P-35 (PDF , 2,175kb) Nadia Carluer - BUVARD: an on-line tool to design vegetative buffer zones in a French context - Irstea, France

P-36 (PDF , 2,082kb) Céline Gaullier - Influence of hydraulic parameters on the pesticides retention in constructed wetlands - Université de Lorraine, France

P-37 (PDF , 3,745kb) Ingeborg Joris - Setting up catchment studies for developing strategies to improve water quality - VITO, Belgium


Laboratory-scale investigations of fate in soil, water and air

A-01 (PDF , 353kb) Ye Yuan - pH-dependent equilibrium behaviors between two metabolites of a fungicide - Bayer AG, Germany

A-02 (PDF , 15,352kb) Nora Badawi - Fate and leaching potential of pesticides used in golf courses - Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Denmark

A-03 (PDF , 797kb) Victor Gourlay - Determination of the plant uptake factor (PUF): pH buffering in hydroponics and the example of atrazine with sugar beet and wheat plants - RLP AgroScience IfA, Germany

A-04 (PDF , 887kb)‌ Nastasia Baudin - Degradation of crop protection products in Brazilian soils - University of Warwick and Syngenta, UK

A-05 (PDF , 2,082kb) Teresa Vera - Atmospheric degradation of thiocarbamate herbicides under atmospheric conditions - Fundacion CEAM, Spain

A-06 (PDF , 1,142kb) Victor Gourlay - Laboratory-scale test system to derive relative wash-off factors for plant protection products - RLP AgroScience IfA, Germany

A-07 (PDF , 185kb) Tanya Ertunc - Optimisation of the experimental conduct to accurately determined Kd / Kf values of low adsorbing compounds - BASF SE, Germany

A-08 (PDF , 889kb) Roger Holten - Pesticide leaching through partially frozen soil - Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, Norway

A-09 (PDF , 378kb) Paulien Adriaanse - Guidance for fitting theDegT50,water from higher-tier effect cosm studies for compounds with high Koc values - Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands

A-10 (PDF , 823kb)‌ Chengwei Fang - Direct vs. indirect methods for adsorption/desorption Kd determination and the impact on environmental risk assessment of crop protection products - DuPont Crop Protection, USA

A-11 (PDF , 940kb)  Dennis Wallace - Influencing parameters on volatilization and aqueous deposition of dicamba at a laboratory scale - RLP AgroScience IfA, Germany

A-12 (PDF , 564kb) Richard Gibson - A checklist to aid consistent reporting and evaluation of adsorption - desorption studies that use a batch equilibrium method - Health and Safety Executive, UK

A-13 (PDF , 386kb) Laurence Hand - Development of a harmonised study design for the measurement of a foliar wash-off coefficient for use as a modelling parameter - Syngenta, UK

A-14: Benjamin Jones - Quantifying and understanding uptake of plant protection products from soil into plants - University of Reading, UK

A-15 (PDF , 1,229kb) Vishal Tripathi - How does warming affects the lindane dissipation and microbial activity in Soil? - Banaras Hindu University, India

A-16 (PDF , 455kb) Ujala Mushtaq - Transformation products of pesticides; a potential threat to ground water contamination - The University of Agriculture, Peshawar, Pakistan


Interactions between pesticides and microorganisms

A-18 (PDF , 857kb) Caroline Michel - Impact of pesticides on denitrification in groundwaters - BRGM, France

A-19 (PDF , 2,774kb) Paola Ganugi - Effects of herbicides on the primary and secondary metabolism of tomato - UCSC, Italy

A-20 (PDF , 565kb) Muhammad Suleman - Assessment of the impact of pesticides on the soil microbial community using intact polar membrane lipids as biomarkers by HPLC ESI-MSn - The University of Agriculture, Peshawar, Pakistan

A-21 (PDF , 2,209kb) Lucio Botteri - Towards the identification and quantification of candidate metabolites of tebuconazole fungicide - Aeiforia srl, Italy

A-22 (PDF , 10,375kb) Christophe Calvayrac - Interactions between pesticides and microorganisms: The case of biodegradation of synthetic β-triketone herbicides - University of Perpignan Via Domitia, France

A-23 (PDF , 246kb) Dimitrios Karpouzas - Assessing the soil microbial ecotoxicity of pesticides: New risk assessment scheme using bioindicator microbial groups and standardized molecular tools - University of Thessaly, Greece

A-24 (PDF , 660kb) Pascale Besse-Hoggan - Combined effects of heavy metals and soil properties on the biodegradation of mesotrione by Bacillus megaterium Mes11- Institut de Chimie de Clermont-Ferrand (ICCF) - UMR CNRS, France

A-25 (PDF , 10,408kb) Christopher O'Grady - Structure and function of microbial communities at the soil atmosphere interface - University of Warwick, UK


Field-scale investigations of fate in soil, water and air

A-27 (PDF , 1,378kb)Etienne Quivet - Air monitoring of pesticide residues in Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur and Corsica - Aix-Marseille Université, France

A-28 (PDF , 291kb) Ton van der Linden - Validation of the Greenhouse Emission Model for soilless cultivation - RIVM, The Netherlands

A-29 (PDF , 1,490kb) Uta Ulrich - Identification of herbicide transport pathways in drainage ponds - Christian-Albrechts University Kiel, Germany

A-30 (PDF , 3,191kb) Federico Ferrari - Formaldehyde: is it an air contaminant in rural areas? - Aeiforia srl, Italy

A-31 (PDF , 1,697kb) Jesús Marín-Benito - Mobility of two winter wheat herbicides, chlorotoluron and flufenacet, in unamended and amended soil at field scale - Instituto de Recursos Naturales y Agrobiología de Salamanca, Spain

A-32 (PDF , 2,037kb) Christian Staffa - Large semi-outdoor wind tunnel as versatile test system for investigating airborne transport and depositioand deposition of plant protection products - RLP AgroScience GmbH, Germany

A-33 (PDF , 900kb) Carole Bedos  - S-metolachlor and Benoxacor volatilzation from soil with and without crop residues - INRA, France


Landscape studies into pesticide fate and exposure

A-34 (PDF , 2,201kb) Emilie Rouzies - Understanding water circulation and pesticide fate at the catchment scale by modeling the influence of landscape elements - Irstea, France

A-35 (PDF , 1,194kb) Amy Ritter - Exposure assessment modelling approach to off-target soil and plants through runoff from agricultural fields - Waterborne Environmental, Inc., USA

A-36 (PDF , 1,154kb) Laura Gatel - Implementing reactive transport into a coupled (groundwater/surface water) physically-based model. Application on pesticide transfers on a vineyard hillslope (Beaujolais, France) - Irstea, France

A-38 (PDF , 2,190kb) Tim Häring - GEORGE - A new, spatially distributed pesticide leaching model using the PyCatch modelling framework - BASF SE, Germany

A-39 (PDF , 2,165kb) Ole Martin Eklo - Sources and measures to reduce pollution of pesticides in an alluvial aquifer in South-Eastern Norway - NIBIO, Norway

A-40 (PDF , 948kb) Anto Raja Dominic - Adaptation of SYNOPS-WEB to assess environmental risk from pesticide use under realistic field conditions in Norway - Julius-Kuehn Institute, Germany 

A-41 (PDF , 942kb) Jörn Strassemeyer - A case study of SYNOPS-WEB application and its evaluation using pesticide concentrations monitored in a Norwegian catchment - Julius-Kuehn Institute, Germany

Innovative approaches in mathematical modelling

A-42 (PDF , 1,563kb) Laure Mamy - Assessing human health risks from pesticide use in conventional and innovative cropping systems with the BROWSE model - INRA, France

A-43 (PDF , 246kb) Gerald Reinken - Is it justified to worsen the default wash-off factor for FOCUS modelling? - Bayer AG, Germany

A-44 (PDF , 1,314kb) Virginia Houck - Maximizing use of data from terrestrial field dissipation studies conducted in North America and Europe via ecoregion crosswalks - Arcadis, USA

A-45 (PDF , 541kb) Carole Bedos - How far are we from pesticide emission factors to the atmosphere? - INRA, France

A-46 (PDF , 455kb) Sabine Beulke - Challenges in kinetic analyses of pesticide degradation and dissipation studies - Enviresearch, UK

A-47 (PDF , 153kb) Denis Weber - Multi-year evaluations in the FOCUS Surface Water assessment - Eurofins Regulatory AG, Switzerland

A-48 (PDF , 3,239kb) Diogo Latino - Eawaq-Soil: a new resource for exploring regulatory pesticide soil biodegradation pathways and half-life data -  Eawag - Switzerland


Laboratory-scale investigations of fate in soil, water and air

B-01 (PDF , 666kb) Pascale Besse-Hoggan - Reduction of pesticide contamination in agricultural soils: a bioprophylactic approach - Institut de Chimie de Clermont-Ferrand (ICCF) - UMR CNRS, France


Interactions between pesticides and microorganisms

B-02 (PDF , 635kb) Dimitrios Karpouzas - Functional metagenomics on biobed systems: Evolutionary mechanisms of known and isolation of novel pesticide biocatalytic enzymes - University of Thessaly, Greece


Field-scale investigations of fate in soil, water and air

B-03 (PDF , 544kb) Uta Ulrich - Variability of pesticide transport and transformation patterns in lentic small water bodies - Christian-Albrechts University Kiel, Germany

B-04 (PDF , 590kb) Jesús Marín-Benito - Field study on the persistence and mobility of triasulfuron and prosulfocarb after repeated application to unamended and green compost-amended soils - Instituto de Recursos Naturales y Agrobiología de Salamanca, Spain


Landscape studies into pesticide fate and exposure

B-05 (PDF , 772kb) Gustaf Boström - An assessment of the quality and relevance of pesticide analyses offered for Swedish drinking water - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

B-06 (PDF , 1,500kb) Etienne Quivet - Air monitoring in PACA Region: genotoxicity of pesticide 'cocktails'- Aix-Marseille Université, France


Advances in design and interpretation of pesticide monitoring programmes

B-07 (PDF , 919kb)‌ Florian Hegler- Prospective field leaching study - a comparison of different approaches for the groundwater investigation - Björnsen Consulting Engineers GmbH, Germany

B-08 (PDF , 645kb) Anne Louise Gimsing - Activities of the SETAC-EMAG groundwater group - The Danish Environmental Protection Agency, Denmark

B-09 (PDF , 2,018kb) Benedict Miles - Work of a SETAC group to develop the scientific basis for guidance for regulatory groundwater monitoring: vulnerability assessment - BASF SE, Germany

B-10 (PDF , 872kb) Bodil Lindström - Is long-term pesticide monitoring data (2001-2016) in two Swedish rivers representative also on a national scale? - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

B-11 (PDF , 1,042kb) Wenkui He  - A generic modeling exercise to identifying factors influencing the representativity of measured pesticide concentrations at groundwater monitoring wells - Dr. Knoell Consult GmbH, Germany

B-12 (PDF , 2,347kb) Ove Jonsson - Time Integrating, Micro Flow, In-line Extraction (TIMFIE) sampler for the determination of pesticide concentrations in water – a new quantitative tool in pesticide monitoring - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

B-13 (PDF , 143kb) Lucas Garcia - Context setting of plant protection products monitoring data for EU-wide, zonal and national registrations - BASF SE, Germany

B-15 (PDF , 372kb) Olivier Crouzet - Assessment of ecotoxicological impact of pesticides on microbial functions in agroecosystems: how to define suitable indicators and for what purposes? - INRA, France

B-16 (PDF , 482kb) Andrew Newcombe - Higher-tier approaches to groundwater monitoring - Arcadis, USA

B-17 (PDF , 947kb) Andrew Newcombe - Regional and national public monitoring data compilation for assessing fate and transport of plant protection products:  insights, challenges, and opportunities - Arcadis,

B-18 (PDF , 3,224kb) Federico Ferrari - National groundwater monitoring and groundwater higher tier risk assessment for pesticides and their metabolites - Aeiforia srl, Italy


Innovative approaches in mathematical modelling

B-19 (PDF , 316kb) Prasesh Sharma - HYDRUS 2/3D applied to modeling transport of agrochemicals in drip irrigation scenarios - DuPont Crop Protection, USA

B-20 (PDF , 89kb) Ronnie Juraske - New software development for automated environmental fate modeling and reporting - Dr. Knoell Consult GmbH, Germany

B-21 (PDF , 1,132kb) Aaldrik Tiktak - 3D-digital soil mapping of soil organic matter for pesticide leaching models - PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, The Netherlands

B-22 (PDF , 376kb) Frederik van den Berg - Development and application of the STARS tool to optimise the schematisation for GeoPEARL calculations at different scales - Wageningen Environmental Research (Alterra), The Netherlands

B-23 (PDF , 1,270kb) Laure Mamy - Modelling the fate of pesticides in European and French cropping systems: Integration of complex agricultural practices in risk assessment - INRA, France

B-24 (PDF , 1,655kb)‌ Laure Mamy - Sensitivity analysis of the STICS-MACRO model to identify cropping practices reducing pesticides losses - INRA, France

B-25 (PDF , 197kb)‌ Tom Schröder - Estimation of soil concentrations for a localized application of a chemical using Hydrus 2D/3D - BASF SE, Germany

B-26 (PDF , 448kb) Sebastian Schmidt - Prediction of reaction rates of volatile organic compounds with nitrate radicals - Bayer AG, Germany

B-27 (PDF , 2,531kb) Amy Ritter - ENASGIPS - User Experiences - Waterborne Environmental, Inc., USA

B-28 (PDF , 970kb) Reza Zolfaghari - Multidimensional modelling of reactive transport of imidacloprid (IMD) and clothianidin (CTD) after seed treatment in soil - Bayer AG, Germany

B-29 (PDF , 1,048kb) Henk Jan Holterman - Spatio-temporal analysis of PECs in edge-of-field watercourses exposed to spray drift in fruit growing in the Netherlands - Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands

B-30 (PDF , 486kb) Anastasiia Bolekhan - The impact of rainfall patterns in the multi-year surface water pesticides exposure modelling - Bayer AG, Germany

B-31 (PDF , 522kb) Sonia Ullucci - Uncertainties in groundwater modelling - ICPS, Italy

B-32 (PDF , 420kb) Wim Beltman - Effect of improved temperature calculation on exposure concentrations calculated by TOXSWA Wageningen - University & Research, The Netherlands

B-33 (PDF , 2,375kb) Thomas Dowling - Next generation ground water mitigations: a proposal for smarter restrictions on use for environmental safety via spatial modelling - Enviresearch, UK

Mitigation and management for sustainable use of pesticides

B-34 (PDF , 112kb) Jan Renger van de Veen - EU Renewal of Mesotrione and Implications of National Guidance on PECGW Estimates for a pH Dependent Compound - Syngenta, UK

B-35 (PDF , 470kb) Stephan Sittig - How can risk management practices be considered in regulatory risk assessments: Reducing pesticide transport via surface run-off and soil erosion - Dr. Knoell Consult GmbH, Germany

B-36 (PDF , 1,482kb) Christoph Oberdoerster - Multidimensional modelling of targeted pesticide application techniques - Bayer AG, Germany

B-37 (PDF , 481kb) Colin Brown - The multifunctional roles of vegetated strips around and within agricultural fields. A systematic map - University of York, UK

B-38 (PDF , 1,658kb)‌ Marianne Stenrød - Integrated pest management and farmer awareness - a Norwegian case study - Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, Norway

B-39 (PDF , 1,841kb) Nicoleta Suciu - Innovative tools enabling drinking WATER PROTECTion in rural and urban environments: Val Tidone case study in Italy - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy

B-40 (PDF , 11,411kb) Maura Calliera - Measuring residents risk perception of non-dietary exposure to agricultural pesticides to increase trust in risk assessment and the production of awareness-raising material - Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore, Italy

B-41 (PDF , 407kb) Katri Saari - Risk mitigation options of plant protection products - University of Eastern Finland, Finland

B-42 (PDF , 982kb) Sylvie Dousset - Mitigation of water contamination from drained fields using constructed wetlands in grass strips - Université de Lorraine, France

B-43 (PDF , 674kb) Mick Whelan - Measurement and modelling of pesticide behaviour in on-line constructed wetlands - University of Leicester, UK

B-44 (PDF , 1,180kb) Federico Ferrari - New on-line training tools for a sustainable use of Plant Protection Products - openTEA srl, Italy

B-45 (PDF , 261kb) Neil Mackay - Mitigation and management of arable spray drift: communication, expansion and reinforcement activities in the SETAC DRAW workshop - DuPont UK Ltd., UK

B-46 (PDF , 609kb) Martha Villamizar - Water Friendly Farming: long-term catchment-scale evaluation of measures to improve water quality - University of York, UK

B-47 (PDF , 885kb) Akmez Nabeerasool - Removal of pesticides (metaldehyde and oxadixyl) from water using an innovative Process; The Arvia Process - Arvia Technology, UK

B-48 (PDF , 2,063kb) Antony Williamson  - A chemical monitoring network to evaluate Catchment Sensitive Farming - Environment Agency, UK