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Health and Safety

Department of Environment and Geography Health and Safety Policy

The Head of Department is responsible for ensuring the safety, as far as reasonably possible, of all academic, academic-related, secretarial, and technical staff, and students, whilst on Departmental premises or on Departmental business. Premises include offices, laboratories, Departmental teaching areas, common rooms, storage areas, and computer rooms. Departmental business includes field trips and prescribed fieldwork programmes. Each individual has a legal responsibility to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and for that of others who may be affected by their acts and/or omissions. Each individual must co-operate with safety advice and instruction laid down by the Departmental Safety Officer or the Departmental Safety Committee. It is the intention that the Department has and maintains safe systems of work in respect of all activities carried out both in the Department and in the field, and the co-operation of all members of the Department is required in order to achieve this. The Departmental Safety Handbook gives further details as to the organisational structure and systems in place in the Department of Environment and Geography.

Safety Organisation

The Head of Department is advised in his safety responsibilities by a properly constituted Departmental Safety Committee. In respect of safety requirements, the Head of Department’s Deputy is the Departmental Safety Officer.

Information for Dissertation Students

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