Kinyongia (chameleon genus) near Mizimu

African savannah

David Rippin, Environment Lecturer at York with a radio kit

Undergraduate study

  • We offer 3-year programmes in Environmental Geography, Environment, Economics and Ecology and Environmental Science (all BSc) and a BA in Human Geography and Environment.
  • All BSc programmes are also available as 4 year integrated masters (MEnv)
  • A Year in Industry can be added to all of our programmes
  • We moved into a £12.5 million custom-built building in 2015, containing state-of-the-art science laboratories, new teaching facilities and innovative social spaces to enhance teaching and learning.
  • All of our BSc programmes are accredited by the Institute of Environmental Sciences.logo for the Institute of Environmental Sciences

Our courses are based on a modular system with a wide range of flexibility and choice. As well as a wide range of choices within the Department, students are also able to select up to 20 credits of modules from other departments in years 2 and 3 making the degrees even more flexible. For instance, our Environmental Science students enjoy modules in Biology, the Environment, Economics and Ecology students choose modules in Politics and Economics, whilst our geographers sometimes pick modules in the Archaeology department.

Our teaching is linked very closely to our research and undergoes a constant process of revision and refinement to keep courses as topical and relevant as possible.