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Area of expertiseNameEmail
A [back to top
Aeropollen Katherine Selby
Ageing Katherine Brookfield 

African cities

Joshua Kirshner
Agricultural systems Sylvia Toet
Mark Hodson
Air pollution

Nic Carslaw 
Sylvia Toet 
Sarah West 
David Shaw

Air quality impacts Lisa Emberson
Antibiotics Alistair Boxall
Archaeology Rob Marchant
Architecture / Architectural theory  Louis D'Arcy-Reed
Automated field approaches for greenhouse gas fluxes Sylvia Toet
B [back to top]
Bat ecology Dean Waters
Bat monitoring Joana Cruz
Behavioural assays for birds and fish Kathryn Arnold
Bioaccoustics Dean Waters
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Sustainability (BESS) research programme Laura Harrison
Biodiversity conservation

Joana Cruz
Andy Marshall
Jonathan Green
Rachel Pateman
Eleanor Jew
Jessica Thorn
Biogenic gas emissions Claire Hughes
Biogeochemistry Mark Hodson
Bioinformatics Jon Hill
Brownfields (understanding biodiversity and value) Rachel Pateman
C [back to top
Camera-trapping Joana Cruz
Carbon and nutrient cycling in ecosystems Sylvia Toet
Andreas Heinemeyer
Mark Hodson
Carbon Footprint Marco Sakai
Carbon - water cycle Andreas Heinemeyer
Carnivore conservation Joana Cruz
Catchment science Colin Brown
Chemical fate and behaviour Alistair Boxall
Colin Brown
Mark Hodson
Chemical risk management Alistair Boxall
Cities and urbanisation  Louis D'Arcy-Reed
Katherine Brookfield
Katherine Brookfield 
Citizen science

Alison Dyke
Rachel Pateman
Sarah West
Climate change Richard Friend
Roland Gehrels
Rob Marchant
Karen Parkhill
Sylvia Toet
Marco Sakai
Climate change adaptation and resilience

Richard Friend
Karen Parkhill
Lindsay Stringer
Jessica Thorn
Climate engineering Karen Parkhill
Climate-smart agriculture Eleanor Jew 
Coastal environments/geomorphology Roland Gehrels
Katherine Selby
Community engagement Steve Cinderby
Rachel Pateman
Sarah West
Katherine Brookfield

Community resilience building Steve Cinderby
Conservation planning

Andy Marshall
Jonathan Green
Conservation science Rob Marchant
Contamination Mark Hodson
Critical zone Mark Hodson
Crop growth modelling Lisa Emberson
Crop physiology Lisa Emberson
Cultural sustainability John Forrester
D [back to top
Desertification Lindsay Stringer 
Development Corridors Jessica Thorn
Development policies and practice

Joshua Kirshner
Katherine Brookfield
Development through conservation Rob Marchant
Diatom analysis Katherine Selby
Dryland environments  Lindsay Stringer
E [back to top
Earthworm ecology Mark Hodson
Ecological economics  Marco Sakai
Ecological-economic modelling Julia Touza
Marco Sakai
Ecological restoration Andy Marshall
Economics of invasive species Julia Touza
Ecosystem conservation Rob Marchant
Jessica Thorn
Ecosystem health Andy Marshall
Ecosystem services

Andreas Heinemeyer
Laura Harrison
Piran White
Lindsay Stringer
Jessica Thorn
Ecotoxicology Alistair Boxall
Mark Hodson
Ecotoxicity testing Mark Hodson
Empowering research processes Richard Friend
Karen Parkhill
Energy (public/stakeholder perceptions, policy) Karen Parkhill
Energy studies Joshua Kirshner
Marco Sakai
Environmental economics Rosa Mato Amboage
Julia Touza
Environmental education Sarah West
Environmental footprinting Chris West
Environmental risk (public/stakeholder perceptions, policy) Karen Parkhill
Environmental risk assessment of chemicals Alistair Boxall
Environmental sensing Alistair Boxall
Eucalypt plantations impact Joana Cruz
Evaluation Sarah West
Exposure modelling Alistair Boxall
Extractive industry Joshua Kirshner
F [back to top
Fish biology Bryce Stewart

Bryce Stewart

Marco Sakai
Foraging behaviour Kathryn Arnold
Foraminiferal analysis Roland Gehrels
Forests Sylvia Toet
Futures Jessica Thorn
G [back to top
Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry Matt Pickering
Gas kinetic modelling  David Shaw
Geochemistry Mark Hodson
Geoengineering (public/stakeholder perceptions) Karen Parkhill
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial Analysis Steve Cinderby
Joana Cruz
Joshua Kirshner
Jonathan Green
Geographical Information Systems Colin McClean
Glaciology David Rippin
Global Carbon Cyle (terrestrial systems) Andreas Heinemeyer
Global development Eleanor Jew 
GPS tags Kathryn Arnold
Grasslands Sylvia Toet
Greenhouse gasses Andreas Heinemeyer
Sylvia Toet
H [back to top
Health and wellbeing Joana Cruz
Katherine Brookfield

High performance computing Jon Hill
High performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry Matt Pickering
Holocene science Roland Gehrels
I [back to top
Indoor air quality Nic Carslaw
Infrastructure Jessica Thorn
Informal settlements Jessica Thorn
International development Richard Friend
International trade Marco Sakai
Ion chromatography Matt Pickering
L [back to top
Land degregation Lindsay Stringer 
Land management Sylvia Toet
Andreas Heinemeyer
Land use change Eleanor Jew 
Latin American cities Joshua Kirshner
Lipid analysis Matt Pickering
Livelihoods  Lindsay Stringer 
Low carbon transitions (public/stakeholder perceptions, policy) Karen Parkhill
M [back to top

Lindsay Stringer
Marine biology

Bryce Stewart
Marine conservation

Bryce Stewart
Marine protected areas

Bryce Stewart
Metals Mark Hodson
Methane Sylvia Toet
Microbial biogeochemistry Claire Hughes
Migration studies Joshua Kirshner
Mineralogy Mark Hodson
Mountains Jessica Thorn
Mycorrhizal Funghi (soil carbon) Andreas Heinemeyer
N [back to top
Nanomaterials Alistair Boxall
Natural Capital Laura Harrison
Jonathan Green
Natural resource economics Rosa Mato Amboage
Nitrous oxide Sylvia Toet
Numerical modelling Jon Hill
O [back to top
Ocean acidification Bryce Stewart
Oceans and climate change Bryce Stewart
Organic geochemistry Matt Pickering
Overseas development Rob Marchant
Ozone Sylvia Toet
P [back to top

Katherine Selby
Andreas Heinemeyer
Participatory Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Annemarieke de Bruin
Steve Cinderby
Participatory research methods

Annemarieke de Bruin
Richard Friend
Karen Parkhill
Sarah West
Jessica Thorn
Katherine Brookfield
Peatlands Andreas Heinemeyer
Sylvia Toet
Peri urban settlements  Jessica Thorn
Pesticide fate and behaviour Colin Brown
Pharmaceuticals Alistair Boxall
PIT tags Kathryn Arnold
Planning Katherine Brookfield
Plant communities Andreas Heinemeyer
Sylvia Toet
Plant health and biosecurity Alison Dyke
Policy tradeoffs Lindsay Stringer 
Political ecology Joshua Kirshner
Pollen analysis Katherine Selby
Pollution Mark Hodson
Portuguese language Joshua Kirshner
Poverty, vulnerability and rights Richard Friend
Jessica Thorn
Public engagement Karen Parkhill
Sarah West
Q [back to top
Qualitative methods

Joshua Kirshner
Karen Parkhill
Katherine Brookfield
Quantitative ecology Joana Cruz
Quaternary science

Roland Gehrels
Katherine Selby

R [back to top
Radio Echo Sounding (RES) / Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) David Rippin
Radio telemetry Dean Waters
Reconstructing sea level
Katherine Selby
Remediation Mark Hodson
Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) David Rippin
Remote Sensing/Earth Observation Lisa Emberson
Restoration Lindsay Stringer 
Risk technologies (public/stakeholder perceptions, policy) Karen Parkhill
Risk assessment Colin Brown
Rural livelihoods Richard Friend
Jessica Thorn
S [back to top
Salt marshes Roland Gehrels
Sylvia Toet
Scenario planning Jessica Thorn
Sea-level change

Roland Gehrels
Katherine Selby
Fiona Hibbert

Sedimentary dynamics Jon Hill
Shellfish biology Bryce Stewart
Small-scale fisheries Richard Friend
Social and cultural values of nature Alison Dyke
Social and cultural values of tree landscapes Annemarieke de Bruin
Social-ecological systems Jessica Thorn
Socio-technical transitions - with particular focus on energy Karen Parkhill
Software engineering Jon Hill
Soil Carbon Dynamics Andreas Heinemeyer
Soil health Mark Hodson
Soil Moisture deficit modelling Lisa Emberson
Soil quality Mark Hodson
Soil Science Mark Hodson
Sylvia Toet
Spanish language Joshua Kirshner
Stable isotope approaches in ecology Sylvia Toet
Stable Isotopes Andreas Heinemeyer
Stakeholder engagement Lindsay Stringer
Statistical modelling Joana Cruz
David Shaw
Statistics - SPSS and SAS programmes Joshua Kirshner
Statistics and econometrics Marco Sakai
Structure from Motion David Rippin
Sublethal effects of contaminants Kathryn Arnold
Supply chains Jonathan Green
Sustainability behaviours Alison Dyke
Sustainability in the agri-food sector Samarthia Thankappan
Sustainability in the automotive sector Samarthia Thankappan
Sustainable agriculture Andreas Heinemeyer
Mark Hodson
Sustainable consumption and production Jonathan Green
Sustainable development Rob Marchant
Sustainable development and SCP policy and metrics Chris West
Sustainable land management Lindsay Stringer 
Sustainable living (public/stakeholder perceptions, policy) Karen Parkhill
Sustainable seafood Bryce Stewart
T [back to top
Terrestrial biogeochemistry Sylvia Toet
Terrestrial carbon fluxes Andreas Heinemeyer
Tidal models Jon Hill
Town and Regional Planning Joshua Kirshner
Toxicodynamics Roman Ashauer
Toxicokinetics Roman Ashauer
Trace chemical analysis Matt Pickering
Tracking wild birds Kathryn Arnold
Tracking wild vertebrates Joana Cruz
Trade and supply chain modelling Chris West
Tropical Ecosystems Rob Marchant
Tropical forest Andy Marshall
Tsunami Jon Hill
U [back to top
UK/EU Referendum and Environmental Policy Charlotte Burns
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs) David Rippin
Urban pollution Alistair Boxall
Urbanisation Richard Friend
Jessica Thorn
V [back to top
Veterinary medicines Alistair Boxall
Vertebrate monitoring Joana Cruz
W [back to top
Water (resource) governance Annemarieke de Bruin
Richard Friend
Water quality Andreas Heinemeyer
Sylvia Toet
Weathering Mark Hodson
Wellbeing and Behaviour Change Steve Cinderby
Wetlands for wastewater treatment (constructed wetlands) Sylvia Toet
X [back to top
Xenophobia studies Joshua Kirshner
Z [back to top
Zoos Andy Marshall