Music Technology Systems with a Foundation Year

Music Technology Systems with a Foundation Year

H662 BEng 4 year Bachelor of Engineering

This course is designed for students who would like to study our Music Technology Systems degree programmes but who don't meet the entry requirements, either because they are studying (or have recently studied) inappropriate subjects at A level, or they are a mature student returning to education after a number of years. 

The typical offer for students studying inappropriate qualifications is BBB at A level, or DDM in a BTEC Extended Diploma (please get in touch for equivalents). For mature students there are no formal requirements, though candidates must be able to demonstrate that they have the ability and motivation to cope with the demands of the course. For more details find out about applying for the Foundation Year. Applicants will also need to demonstrate their interest in making or creating music.

The Course

The core foundation year course syllabus is based on modified versions of GCE Advanced level material in Mathematics and Physics. However, the teaching starts with the assumption of no prior knowledge of the specialist material. Early parts of the course concentrate on Mathematics and Physics at a level that would normally be met by people in early teenage years.

The final examinations, however, are of Advanced Level standard, but based on a syllabus in each subject which would approximate to around two thirds of that found in a typical A Level syllabus. The course also includes a practical electronics element in which students learn about electronic circuits in a well-equipped laboratory.

To move from early secondary school material to University entry level in three terms is a demanding task. The course numbers therefore, are very restricted, permitting teaching in small groups with considerable personal support. The course is taught entirely in the Department. Students are registered students of the University and are treated identically to any other student of the University.

Music Technology Systems 

In addition to the foundation year teaching outlined above, students will also benefit from a range of Music Technology related activities during this foundation year. These include:

  • Regular supervision from a music technology staff member 
  • Specialised laboratories in creating and processing audio
  • Introduction to the Music Technology Studios and a studio pass for the whole year
  • Music Technology Mentoring in:
    • musical and audio computing (including practical introduction to programming languages for synthesis and music making)
    • music technology discussion groups
    • contextualising the maths, physics and electronics


Any questions?

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Mrs Helen Lay

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Dr Jude Brereton
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