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Tutorials and personal supervision

Tutorials and workshops are small group teaching activities that accompany every module we undertake. These are invaluable as they allow you to ask questions and fill in gaps in your understanding with a friendly and dedicated academic in a relaxed environment

Jai, Year 4 MChem (York)

Forming an important part of our courses, weekly tutorials develop a wide range of skills from problem solving to essay writing, or preparing a talk to give in the tutorial.

Tutorials can be helpful in reinforcing topics covered in lectures, but they are also an opportunity for you to discuss aspects of the subject which interest you and ask about any problems you have encountered in your reading.

Students were asked about the value of teaching in small-group York tutorials in a departmental review in March 2010. 

The periodic review is an opportunity to reflect on degree programmes, including considering the quality of the student experience, by a team comprising external assessors. 

The review panel stated that "students confirmed the effectiveness of this approach to help individuals consolidate, apply and expand their knowledge".

The assessors also commented that the "tutorial system plays an important part in building staff-student and student-student relationships".

Tutorials relating to core modules are organised on a teaching college basis. 

Each student and each tutor is a member of a teaching college, and a minimum of five staff in your college will arrange your tutorial programme and guide your work. One will also act as your personal supervisor.

Excellent supervision arrangements embedded in the University's college system which provides academic and pastoral support for students from admissions to graduation

Periodic Review, March 2010

This continuity of teaching and the small size of the groups (normally 4 or 5 students) make it easier for you to get to know your tutors, and you are welcome to seek help from them whenever you need it.

Tutorials for option modules are given by the teaching staff running the options, helping you to get to know those lecturers who specialise in the areas which are of particular interest to you.

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