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Research is a vital part of University life and all of our undergraduate degrees have, as a vital component, a research project.

Your research project is an opportunity to do a piece of original work in a particular area of chemistry.

research project

I have been able to conduct a novel research project whilst having a clear idea of how my work will benefit people in the 'real' world

Ian, Year 4 MChem

For those students studying for the BSc or who have selected the MChem (York) programme, the project will be undertaken in one of our research laboratories. You will have access to the state-of-the-art instrumentation that our department has to offer.

You will be able to choose an area of research you wish to work in and this may relate to your chosen option modules or intended career path. You may even design your own project on the MChem course.

BSc students interested in teaching have the opportunity to do a research project in developing new teaching materials in local schools.

Students on the MChem (Abroad) and MChem (Industry) programmes also carry out research projects. Those at Overseas Universities will conduct their work as if they were a student at their chosen University, whereas students on industrial placement carry out research which is relevant to the company for which they work.

Some examples of the topics covered by students' research projects are given below.

Student with flask

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