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The major method by which students are taught is via lectures, the size of which varies from 180 to as few as 4 or 5 students for some of the option modules. Lectures last for 50 minutes and presentations range from the more traditional ‘chalk and talk’ to the use of digital presentations.

Excellent academic staff who are committed to teaching and learning, reflected in the innovation and range of different activities in the delivery of programmes and in the number of University and national prizes received

Periodic Review, March 2010

The lecture courses provide you with a framework for the whole programme and they are used:

  • to define and develop the examinable syllabus
  • to deliver knowledge
  • to interpret and explain difficult concepts and illustrate their use

All of this teaching, including skills courses, is done by academic staff typically in the Department of Chemistry. Many of our teaching classrooms have recently been refurbished, which included the provision of smart boards.

In Year 4 of the MChem Year in Industry course, students are required to complete distance learning packages, which are available on the University's Virtual Learning Environment.

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