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An MChem with a Year in York 

Jacob, Year 2
MChem: Chemistry

As soon as I first arrived at York on the open day, I felt at home not only on campus, but in the chemistry department itself. The enthusiasm and friendliness exuded by all of the staff drew me in and made me feel very welcome. 

I'm a big fan of the teaching college system, as I feel like it makes the gap between A-levels and University less noticeable

I always enjoyed the practical side of all sciences throughout my previous studies, and it was a natural progression continuing this at York. The state of the art labs and excellent guidance from lab technicians and graduate teaching assistants, makes carrying out your experiments straightforward and easy to understand.

The chemistry teaching college system provides you with a community within your course, not too dissimilar in size to a class in high school. My teaching college also was mainly students who were in my university college, which meant I got to know other chemists that lived nearby in first year.

Having a personal supervisor has been a huge help as well, as they can be that first port of call if you ever need anything, and are always on hand and willing to help. The same support can be found from any of the academics, whether that be at workshops or tutorials, or even hanging back after a lecture to ask a couple questions, everyone here is more than happy to answer any questions students may have.

Outside of the department, there is also plenty to get involved with. There are societies for every possible interest, as well as university and college level sports teams. I have been part of my college’s football club since I got here, and that has been one of the most rewarding parts of my university life so far. I’ve met people I’ll definitely be friends with for life, and formed such a close knit group.

I only live an hour away from York, so I knew the city fairly well before coming here. York itself is a beautiful city, and an ideal place to study and live in. For me it’s really beginning to feel like home.

Jacob (2)

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