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Honorary Positions held in Biology

Honorary Professors

Professor Mark Coles

  • Former Professor of Immunology in the Centre for Immunology and Infection. Mark is now Professor of Immunology at the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, University of Oxford

Professor Ottoline Leyser CBE, FRS

  •  Former Chair of the Research Committee, now Director of the Sainsbury Laboratory and Professor of Plant Development at the University of Cambridge

Professor Dale Sanders FRS

  • Former Head of Department, now Director of the John Innes Centre; membrane transport and signal transduction in plants, with emphasis on transport of heavy metals and calcium

Professor Antal Rot

  • Research interests are related to the molecular and cellular mechanisms of the involvement of chemokines, their classical and atypical receptors in innate and adaptive immunity and disease pathogenesis.

Honorary Fellows

Dr Sue Bougourd

Dr Simon Hardy

  • Export of proteins from E.coli, especially the interaction of precursors with the chaperone SecB and with SecA, the translocation ATPase as well as the interaction of these two Sec proteins with each other; folding of proteins in the periplasm

Dr Peter Hogarth

  • Mangrove ecology, particularly in relation to biodiversity and productivity; biodiversity and biogeography of Crustacea

Dr Jim Hoggett

  • Former Deputy Head of Department

Dr Geoff Oxford

  • Evolutionary genetics with an emphasis on (i) convergent evolution of colour polymorphisms in spiders, (ii) hybridisation and its consequences in large house spiders

Dr Martin Rumsby

  • Past research related to how oligodendrocytes myelinate axons in the CNS. Current research (with Prof Norman Maitland) concerns the role of the cytokines pleiotrophin and midkine in prostate cancer and the regulation of choline metabolism in prostate epithelial cells

Honorary Visiting Fellows/Professors

Mr Ased Ali 

  • Consultant Urological Surgeon, Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust, Pinderfields Hospital

Dr Belinda Bullard   

  • Former Staff Scientist at EMBL, Heidelberg; regulation of contraction in insect flight muscle and the control of sarcomere assembly by large modular proteins

Dr Karim ElSawy

  • Qassim University, Saudi Arabia

Dr C Adam Middleton

  • Former Head of Human Biology Department, University of Leeds; using genetic tools to investigate neuromuscular function and development

Professor Igor Polikarpov

  • Instituto de Física de São Carlos, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

Dr Jens Stahlschmidt

  • Dept of Histopathology, St James's Institute of Oncology, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Dr Graeme Wilkinson

  • Formerly Principal Scientist at Astra Zeneca