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Technology Facility Staff

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Dr Peter O'Toole 
Technology Facility Director



Room B/K221

(01904) 328722


 ‌ Dr Tony Larson
Head of Metabolomics & Proteomics Laboratory

Room B/K137

(01904) 328733

  Dr Peter Ashton
Head of Genomics and Bioinformatics Laboratories

Room B/K249

(01904) 328808
  Dr Jared Cartwright
Head of Protein Production Laboratory
Room B/K250

(01904) 328797
  Dr Andrew Leech
Head of Molecular Interactions Laboratory

Room B/K033

(01904) 328723/8730

  Dr Peter O'Toole
Head of Imaging and Cytometry Laboratory
Room B/K032

(01904) 328722