Accessibility statement

Material culture theory in practice

Module code: ARC00085M

Module leader: Stephanie Wynne-Jones


This skills course prepares you for working with objects in many different contexts. It provides a background in both practical and theoretical aspects of object studies. Each week, the session will focus on a type of material, and a particular area of theory about interpreting the material world. They will complement each other in a series of practical sessions that will allow students to build and test their own studies. This is an essential course for anyone who thinks they may work with artefacts, or who is interested in the ways past peoples have interacted with the material world.


  • To learn essential skills for working with objects from archaeological contexts
  • To explore material culture theory through a practical engagement with objects

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this module you should:

  • Have gained practical skills in analysing and interpreting archaeological objects
  • Be able to speak with confidence on a range of object theories and their application to archaeology
  • Have developed new skills in discussion and debate