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The Viking Age: People, Places and Things


Module leader: Steve Ashby


This module aims to survey the impact of the early Scandinavian diaspora, on both the Viking homelands and the many places the so-called Vikings explored, exploited and settled. In so doing it also explores the sources for study of this period, the methods of interdisciplinary research and the themes of lasting interest to modern scholarship. It is intended to illustrate how the Viking Age encapsulates a critical watershed in Old World social, political and economic (pre) history.

Learning Outcomes

Subject content

  • an understanding of the chronology and political geography of Viking Age Europe,
  • an awareness of the diversity of sources used by scholars of this period and of the relative merits of these sources, and
  • knowledge of the broad social and economic developments that transformed Northern Europe in the centuries around AD 1000.

Academic and graduate skills

  • Development of transferable skills in small group work and oral presentations

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