YGRS look after our community of more than 2,000 research students from around the world, as they pursue innovative research alongside inspirational academics.

The School aims to help you make an impact with your research, maximising the benefit to you, the University and the world we live in. To help you to fully engage with our dynamic research community and take advantage of all the opportunities on offer at York, the School:

  • works with departments and support services to ensure you receive consistently high-quality supervision and training
  • plays a key role in promoting and celebrating the excellent research produced by our postgraduate researchers
  • organises a variety of events so that you can showcase your work, meet other research students and integrate with the wider research community
  • keeps you updated on what's going on at the University including opportunities for funding, training, teaching experience and other events
  • contributes to the University's continued success in achieving funding for postgraduate research
  • steers policy and governance processes across the University to make sure you have the best possible experience.

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