Factors affecting the price of your room

Catered or self-catered?

Whether your accommodation is catered or self-catered, you'll have access to a shared kitchen.

If your accommodation is self-catered, your shared kitchen is where you'll make and eat all of your own meals. If you have a catered package, you'll be served breakfast and an evening meal (Monday to Friday, during term time) in your college’s dining hall. It's a great opportunity to socialise with college members from outside your flat.

Weekly College Meal (Campus East)

All first years living on Campus East have one evening meal per week (during term time) included in their rent. This is a great way to meet people in your wider college community. Each college has its own evening. If you can't make it, you can go to another college's weekly meal. Meals are served in the Piazza building between 5 and 8pm. 

Meals in Advance Deal

Unsure about a catered room, but want the comfort of regular meals for a period of time? The Meals in Advance Deal allows you to purchase meals on a term by term basis, with savings of up to 18%.

Ensuite or shared bathroom?

We have about a 50/50 split between ensuite and shared bathrooms.

  • Shared bathroom bedrooms have a wash basin in the bedroom and bathroom facilities are shared with the flat. Bathrooms are individually lockable and cleaned every weekday.
  • Ensuite bedrooms have a toilet, wash basin and shower in the bedroom and are cleaned monthly.

Economy, Standard or Premium?

We have a range of options to suit you and your budget:

  • Economy rooms are in older blocks. You'll probably share kitchen and bathroom facilities with a few more students.
  • Standard rooms are our most common type. They're newer or more recently refurbished than economy rooms and facilities are shared with fewer people.
  • Premium rooms have larger (3/4) size beds as well as a TV (with license) and sofas in shared kitchen areas. 

Let length

  • 40 and 44 week lets (most of our rooms) cover the academic year and Easter and Christmas vacations.
  • 50 week lets (some of our rooms) extend into most of the summer vacation as well.
  • 38-week lets (a small number of or rooms) in Vanbrugh College need to be vacated for two weeks during the Easter break.

What do students think?

Other things to think about


Campus is quick and easy to get around by foot, bike or the free shuttle bus. It takes roughly 20-25 minutes to walk from Market Square on Campus West to our Campus East colleges.

Colleges aren't related to departments - you can apply to live in any college, no matter what you study. Teaching can take place anywhere on campus, so you might also want to consider the location of things like the Library, shops and sports facilities.

Accommodation style

We have a few different styles of accommodation:

  • Corridor-style layout
    Rooms on a corridor with shared kitchens on the corridor. Often floors can be accessed by all residents within the building.
  • Flat-style layout
    Rooms grouped together on one floor, with shared kitchen facilities and an entrance door to the flat.
  • House-style layout
    Rooms on more than one floor within a building, with shared kitchen facilities and one common external entrance door.

You'll be the only student with a key to your bedroom.

Viewing accommodation

When applying, you can register interest to live in a viewing room, used to show prospective students for events such as Open Days.

We can't guarantee that we will use your room but, if we do, we'll give you some warning and you'll receive an incentive.

Living Learning Communities

Some of our colleges are home to residential learning communities built around shared interests where students live and learn together.

Twin rooms

We have twin rooms available upon request in several colleges. They cost 80% of the usual room price (per student).

A twin room has two beds in one room, shared by students of the same gender. Ensuite rooms contain a bathroom or wet room which you'll both share. Non-ensuite rooms will have a washbasin and access to shared bathroom facilities with other students in the flat.

Additional requests

You can use our online accommodation application system to let us know about anything else you would like us to take into consideration.

Please note: Some of our rooms are accessible, equipped for students with additional requirements. They include the same facilities but may have, for example, a grab rail or larger wet room. Depending on demand, students may be allocated an accessible room without specifically requiring one.