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FAQs for students allocated Leeds accommodation

If you have been allocated accommodation in Leeds from September 2021, please see our answers to your frequently asked questions. 

We are continuing to update this list as and when new questions arise. Please check back regularly for additional information.

If you still have questions you can contact us using the links provided.

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Across the UK, there has been unprecedented demand this year for University-provided accommodation with an overall increase in the numbers of new students wishing to attend university.

Here at York, every year a significant number of students choose to find their own private accommodation and so every year we typically have many more students coming to York than we provide accommodation for on campus. For this September, we are increasingly aware of a reduction in the availability of privately-let accommodation in York, which has compounded the issue. For example, as the City is a popular tourist destination, with more people staying in the UK rather than travelling abroad, there are fewer opportunities for private rental for our students. This has all resulted in a very limited number of surplus rooms across the city, either on campus or in private accommodation this year. 

We are already investing in a very significant increase in our own purpose-built campus accommodation, with new rooms coming available from 2022 in our two new colleges (Anne Lister College and David Kato College). We are confident of being able to bring a significant number of rooms forward to January 2022 in Anne Lister College, with the remainder being ready there, and in David Kato College, by September 2022 to meet anticipated demand for the next academic year.

Demand for September 2021 however is higher than we expected. This is why we have identified additional accommodation in neighbouring cities with close transport links, as many of our new students have told us they want to start their university course.

We have now been able to make an offer of accommodation to all students on our waiting list who were guaranteed an offer of accommodation because they applied by our accommodation deadline. We are now trying to support students on our waiting list who may have missed our accommodation offer deadline, applied after the deadline or who declined their first offer of accommodation. 

We have created the waiting list, so that we can allocate rooms fairly and quickly as soon as we identify new available accommodation.

For students who are in accommodation based in Leeds, we anticipate you will stay in Leeds for the duration of your first year. In your second year you will be able to apply for campus accommodation as normal.

For students joining us for the 2022/23 academic year, we will have additional capacity in our other brand new college, the David Kato College, which will be ready for the September 2022 academic year. This will provide significant additional accommodation for our students.

Our experience is that most students want to be part of a large student community, where they can have an active social life and make use of facilities such as cafes, bars, shops, cinemas and sports venues in their spare time.

Leeds is a city with a large student population, and is regarded as a very welcoming and affordable place for students to live.

It has a vibrant and active student community, with plenty of cultural activities, shopping and entertainment to explore.

Leeds has strong transport connections to York and a range of accommodation options.

Students are of course able to decline our accommodation offer and arrange private accommodation themselves, in a location of their choosing.

You will find the link to the website for your halls in your accommodation confirmation letter and also below. This gives a good overview of the facilities on site.

The accommodation provider will also be in touch with you once you have accepted the offer to tell you more about the accommodation and arrivals logistics.

iQ Accommodation - Cross Chancellor Street Leeds


At York we take our duty of care to students very seriously. In any year this extends to the students we have who are studying remotely, living in private accommodation/halls, Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) and those who are studying from home. In this extraordinary year, this is more important than ever.

All students, whether living on or off campus, are allocated to one of our ten colleges and will be given the same level of support. Our colleges are the foundation for getting involved in campus life and a gateway to exploring the wider University community. They are the first point of support and guidance for students and will help foster a sense of belonging upon arrival, encouraging students to make friends and get involved with social activities.

All students will be given a clear point of contact with the College team from the moment they arrive, irrespective of where they live. Support will be made available from both our professional service staff (for example the College Manager or College Life Coordinator) and from trained peers.

We have a comprehensive range of student support services here at York, including our Open Door service (for psychological and mental health support), Togetherall 24-hour phone line and our York Futures careers service.

All of these services are available to students in Leeds and can be accessed virtually as well as in person when on campus.

In addition all students have access to an academic supervisor to oversee their overall academic progress and to whom they can talk if they’re experiencing any difficulties with their course. Students are also able to access a Student Wellbeing Officer who has been assigned to each department.

We’re making every effort to ensure that students living off campus form a positive and constructive community and can take part in the various communities that all of our students have access to: sports, colleges, societies and departmental activities.

You will have access to any of the facilities that form part of your new accommodation, details of which can be found on their website: iQ Accommodation - Cross Chancellor Street Leeds.

The NHS requires you to register with the doctor’s surgery nearest to your allocated accommodation, in case you need to use it in an emergency or they need to visit you at home. You will receive information about this at the time of your arrival.

In addition to registering with your local doctor, you will also have access to the University of York’s wellbeing services, including our Open Door team and Togetherall.

On arrival, your accommodation provider will give you an information pack with a list of key contacts, including maintenance and security. 

No, you will not be in a separate College.

Like all our students, you will be allocated to one of the ten existing University of York Colleges and will be able to take part in the events, activities and welfare support provided by that College.

With a team of professional support staff, peer wellbeing support and student college leaders, Colleges are your first point of support and guidance at York, helping you get involved in University life.

They are very mindful of students who will be living off campus and are ready to support you closely through this.

Students living in Leeds are allocated to Wentworth College.

We’re making every effort to ensure that students living off campus form a positive and constructive community and can take part in the various communities that all of our students have access to. There will be virtual events as well as in-person events, and transport to enable you to attend on-campus college events, enrolment activities, freshers fairs and college activities.

We have allocated students together according to their study level (eg, undergraduate or postgraduate), to help create communities and give you the greatest possibility of making friends among your peers. In the main, undergraduates have been allocated to Hull accommodation and postgraduates to Leeds.

Unfortunately, there is no capacity to move people between allocated rooms and cities so close to the start of term, unless students choose to not accept their offer and privately arrange their own accommodation. Given the high demand across both cities, we continue to encourage students to accept the rooms we have been able to secure.

If you no longer require the accommodation you have been offered, please email as soon as possible to let us know that you no longer need it.

It is important that you inform us as soon as possible, so that we can reallocate your room to someone else on the waiting list.

In response to growing demand for University-provided rooms, we are investing in purpose-built student accommodation. We will have new rooms available from 2022 in our two new colleges (Anne Lister College and David Kato College). These will provide significant additional accommodation for our students.

As part of your application to York, we always encourage you to accept your accommodation offer as soon as it is made, to give you immediate peace of mind that your room is secured. If accommodation offers are not accepted by the deadline, they are released to other students. We remind you to ensure that you are regularly checking for University of York emails, including checking your junk/spam folders.

Find out more about our range of accommodation for undergraduates.

Find out more about our range of accommodation for postgraduates.

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Accommodation Services
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