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Step into Tech

Step into Tech. Your launch pad for tech careers

Applications have closed for 2021. We'll update this page with more information about the 2022 programme later in the academic year. 

Are you interested in a career in the tech industry but think that you’re not techie enough? Find out more about the range of roles in tech

The University is running a free part-time online ‘Step into Tech’ programme for graduates from diverse backgrounds who have studied any degree outside of computer science. 

What is the programme?

This programme aims to provide an introduction to different elements of tech for graduates from diverse backgrounds who did not study Computer Science, who want to explore these in a safe environment.

As well as developing beginner level tech capabilities and understanding, a strong aim of the programme is to provide:

  • an insight and understanding of the tech industry
  • awareness of the breadth and depth of career areas in tech
  • to support you to understand which areas of tech might meet your interests, skills, strengths and personality

Towards the end of the programme there will be support to help you understand what the best next steps for you will be through employesr, careers advice and professional coaches. 

You will be introduced to a new technical area every week and the curriculum will be designed in the context of a tech industry project/requirement to enable you to see how different tech functions and teams and roles work together. This will then help you understand which areas might fit best for you. The technical areas you will cover include User Interface (design and implementation), coding, programme testing, data analysis and design and development process. 

You will have access to personal development weekly sessions delivered by tech professionals and tech coaches to support your understanding and preparation for working in a tech professional working environment.

Every week we will also focus on a particular tech career role which aligns with that week’s curriculum, where you will hear from a professional in that role to gain a better understanding of what that role entails and how they got into that role. Finally, there will be careers sessions to support you to prepare for your next steps and an optional one-to-one coaching hour with a coach with a background in tech to help you understand your next steps after the programme.

What is the structure and time commitment of the programme?

The programme is designed to be maximum 12 hours per week including self study time. There will be weeks when this time commitment is lower than 12 hours.

This roughly breaks down per week to a maximum requirement of 4 hours pre-recorded teaching, 2 hours live seminars/support, 4 hours self study, up to 2 hours personal development and careers support. 

We ask that you are available for the live elements of this programme to best support your learning and professional development.

When does the programme run?

The programme begins on Monday 6th September 2021 and will finish on Sunday 31st October 2021.

What will I gain from this programme?

  • An introduction to technical skills and knowledge to understand what you like and what you do not like across a number of technical areas
  • A good understanding of the tech industry; what tech career areas there are and what they entail; a good overview of technical roles, what they entail and the skills they require; and time and guidance to reflect on which might best fit you and your skills, interests and personality 
  • Personal development tips and advice from professionals in the tech space, tech coaches and careers professionals 
  • A certificate on completion of the full 8 weeks to add to your CV and LinkedIn profile 
  • Access to professional networks in the tech space

Who will be delivering this programme?

This programme has been designed and created by academics in Computer Science and Interactive Media at the University of York, with contributions, advice and guidance from a number of employers in the tech industry.

The programme has specifically been designed with graduates from non technical degree backgrounds with little or no knowledge and experience of tech. 

There will be a number of employer and professionals who will be delivering personal development, careers support and some technical content every week.

What do I need to complete this programme?

A laptop, reliable internet connection and time to progress through the content every week.

Am I eligible to apply?

The University is investing in this high quality programme specifically for 2021 and 2020 graduates, who were home students with one or more of these personal circumstances: 

  • I have a disability or long term health condition
  • I am/was a mature student (21+ on the first day of undergraduate study at the University of York) 
  • I am a care leaver (meeting the student finance definition), care experienced (not meeting the student finance definition) or estranged from my family 
  • I have unpaid caring responsibilities for a parent, family member, partner or friend. I am/was a student parent 
  • I am from a military family (while I have been in education my parent(s) have served in the military) 
  • I identify as lesbian gay or bisexual 
  • My gender identity is different to that assigned to me at birth 
  • Neither of my parents attended university (or they went to university as a mature student during my secondary education)
  • I am from a Black, Asian or minority ethnic background (including Gypsy, Roma or Traveller backgrounds).


  • I am currently seeking asylum in the UK 
  • I have refugee status in the UK.

How do I apply?

Applications have closed for 2021, but you will be able to apply on Handshake for the 2022 programme later in the year.