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Why should I do York Strengths Online?

Can do. Love to. 

When we understand our strengths - the things we are good at and we love to do - we feel more confident and resilient, can make better choices about what activities we choose to pursue and are likely to perform better as a result. 

Thousands of University of York students have benefited from discovering their strengths in recent years, using the insight from the York Strengths programme to support their academic studies, access a range of relevant experiences, and help them secure placements, graduate work or further study.

5 reasons to take part

  1. It's a great way to begin to discover your strengths, and discover tools to help you on your journey to a fulfilling career.
  2. You can complete it in around 2-4 hours (a little longer if you complete all the optional strengths assessment activities) - do it in one sitting, or save and come back to it at your leisure.
  3. Gain an understanding of how employers value and look for strengths in the students and graduates they recruit.
  4. Learn how you can apply and develop your strengths while you're a student to support your academic studies, enhance your personal and professional development and identify the type of work that you'll thrive in.
  5. Thousands of students who have participated have gone on to enjoy greater career confidence, and move towards a successful and rewarding graduate career.

 Show us what you're made of. York Strengths OnlineTake control of your future. York Strengths Online