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What is York Strengths Online?

York Strengths Online takes you through a series of interactive and reflective exercises to better understand yourself and your strengths. Created to support and complement our award-winning Development Sessions, and with contributions from world leading professionals, you'll be introduced to a range of tools and identify actions that will help you in your career preparations. 

"This is an easy interactive online platform to enable you to learn your own strengths.”

Gail, Social Policy and Social Work

York Strengths Online is suitable if you're new to York Strengths, but also a great opportunity to revisit your strengths assessment, or access the wider content and resources.

The content is York Strengths Online is updated each year - it's a tool that can support you throughout your time at the University, and will remain available for you to revisit at any point. 

"York Strengths is an advantage that York students get over any other university, and it's not an advantage you would want to give up. Using fun and easy to complete tasks (that can be done between Netflix shows) to create a map of your strengths is one way to use the lockdown effectively. Knowing your strengths makes it easier to target jobs and companies that will value you."

Lucy, York Law School

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