What Students Say...‌

Below are some case studies from students who have taken part in all areas of York Students in Schools. There are also a selection of articles where you can read about the great things that people have been involved in.

School Placements

School Placements

On a school placement you can volunteer in a nursery, primary or secondary school for half a day a week for one academic term. Read the case studies below to read about what students thought...

Sara Dimmock - Language and Linguistic Science

"Do it. Even if you don't want to go into teaching there is so much to be learnt from a school placement."

Sara Dimmock - Language and Linguistic Science (PDF  , 246kb)

Bartek Wytrzyszczewski - Language and Linguistic Science

"I have gained confidence working with young people, and how to identify different pupils’ needs."

Bartek Wytrzyszczewski - Language and Linguistic Science (PDF  , 244kb)

 Xixi Lui (Celia) - Psychology

"I acted as an examiner of GCSE Chinese speaking exams for several students."

Xixi Liu - Psychology (PDF  , 239kb)

James Carr - History

"I really enjoyed working individually with pupils, because I felt I was personally able to make a real difference."

James Carr - History (PDF  , 241kb)

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School Projects

School Projects

YSIS Projects involve a variety of schools-based projects and placements. Read the case studies below to see what previous volunteers who have been involved in some of the projects say about their experiences...

Megan Wikeley - History, completed a girls mentoring project at Huntington Secondary School

"While developing my team working skills I also feel I learnt a lot about the difference and challenges of addressing young adults as compared to people your own age or younger children."

Ben Aspin - Chemistry completed the Inspiring Minds Travel and Sustainability project in collaboration with Northern Rail

"I gained significantly useful knowledge into lesson planning, trip planning, communication with a team, and reinforcement of confidence in a new teaching environment."


Vivian Hill - English and Related Literature completed the Law and Justice Workshop in collaboration with North Yorkshire Police

"Volunteering projects are a fun way to meet new people and to gain valuable skills, so I’d advise every student to take part!" 


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School Management Group

School Management Group (SMG)

The School Management Group (SMG) are a team of dedicated students who contribute to the daily running of our school placements through holding weekday drop-in sessions, supporting events, and running pre-placement training activities. Read about some of their experiences below...

Bradley Copper - English and Related Literature, SMG member 2013-15

"My personal highlight, perhaps proudly, was being picked for the SMG Coordinator role. As a person it’s very important to me to give back, to try and better myself and others through mutual communication and the like ... and thus it was extraordinarily rewarding to have been chosen for such a responsibility."

Bradley case study (PDF  , 198kb)

Claire Chivers - Sociology, SMG member 2012-13

"I have gained an insight into the behind-the-scenes workings of a volunteering scheme, and developed important skills such as organisation, student-support and the ability to think on my feet. Most importantly though I’ve met a group of really nice people who are enthusiastic about the same things I am, and have a great time all working together for the same cause."

Claire Chivers - Sociology (PDF  , 244kb)

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Community Placements

Cat Mitchell - English and Related Literature

The project taught me how to work in a team. It was entirely our own responsibility to organise and motivate ourselves, as how we used our time through the term was completely flexible. The most interesting part for me was deciding what our own personal skills were and putting them to the best use so we could finish the project as efficiently as possible.

Cat Mitchell - English and Related Literature (PDF  , 261kb)

Lucy Curzon - English

The experience of working with those at a charity and in the arts was invaluable because it ignited a real interest in the third sector as a potential career path. On starting the project I didn’t have future career plans in the forefront of my mind but by throwing myself into a project that I was interested in I felt more and more excited about the opportunities after graduating.

Lucy Curzon - English (PDF  , 283kb)