Elective modules

Elective modules are those offered by departments to students from outside that department. 

Departments identify non-compulsory modules within each of their programmes that a student may replace with elective modules. The number of modules that may be replaced in this way cannot normally amount to more than 40 credits. 

Please note that it may not always be possible to grant your request to undertake an elective module because of timetabling or other constraints.

Applying to register

If you are wanting to participate in an Elective module(s), please complete an Elective module form (MS Word , 46kb) and forward this to the appropriate contact within your department (taken from the list below).

Departmental contacts

Each department has a member of staff who acts as a key point of contact for students wishing to take electives. They provide students with information about academic requirements and put them in touch with module tutors if necessary. Chairs of Boards of Studies will still be required to authorise all elective requests.

Please note: some departments do not update their lists until later on in the year. Please get in touch with them directly when this is the case.

Elective modules by departmentDepartmental contactEmail
Archaeology  Laura Parrett laura.parrett@york.ac.uk
Biology Ann Mathe  
Writing and Language Skills Centre
Victoria Jack victoria.jack@york.ac.uk
Chemistry Dr Nigel Lowe nigel.lowe@york.ac.uk
Computer Science Undergraduate Administrator cs-timetabling@york.ac.uk
Economics and Related Studies Julie Lord and Kim Snedden econ-ug-enquiries@york.ac.uk
Education Kath Armstrong educ525@york.ac.uk
English and Related Literature
Undergraduate modules
Anne Chantry english-enquiries@york.ac.uk
English and Related Literature
MA modules
Fiona Meadows english-enquiries@york.ac.uk
Environment and Geography  Claire Hughes c.hughes@york.ac.uk
Health Sciences
Postgraduate modules
Di Stockdale diane.stockdale@york.ac.uk
UndergraduateMA modules

Sue Clark

History of Art Andrew Wilkinson history-of-art@york.ac.uk
Language and Linguistic Science Rachel O'Brien rachel.obrien@york.ac.uk
Languages for All Michelle Cullivan lfa@york.ac.uk
Mathematics Nicola Glenn nicola.glenn@york.ac.uk
Music Dr Martin Suckling martin.suckling@york.ac.uk
Natural Sciences Ali Thompson alison.thompson@york.ac.uk
Philosophy Carol Dixon carol.dixon@york.ac.uk
Physics Tamara Grant tamara.grant@york.ac.uk
Social Policy and Social Work Angela Chapman angela.chapman@york.ac.uk

Student Support Administrator