On many programmes at York, you have the opportunity to step outside your degree and expand your knowledge by taking a module from a different department or school. We call these ‘elective modules’. 

Studying on an elective module lets you broaden your knowledge, make new academic connections and boost your employability.

You’ll need to check with your department to find out what’s available to you.

Our elective modules

There are three different types of elective modules at York:

York Interdisciplinary Modules (YIMs) exploring sustainability

Work collaboratively in multi-disciplinary teams to solve local, regional and global sustainability challenges. There are four undergraduate modules and one postgraduate module for you to explore. You'll be taught by academics from different departments and work in groups with students from across the University, allowing you to apply your expertise to these challenges and learn from students and staff from other disciplines.

Explore York Interdisciplinary Modules (YIMs)

York language electives

Language electives help you broaden your horizons and deepen your knowledge of different cultures. In a globalised and interconnected world, it can give you a competitive edge. You can choose from a wide range of language modules available at different levels of study in languages including Arabic, Chinese, Classical Latin, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Medieval Latin, Russian and Spanish.

Explore York language electives

York general electives

Each year, departments and schools open up some of their modules for students outside their degree programme to take. Below, you can search modules on offer next academic year by semester, level, or department. To help you find what might be of interest, we’ve also grouped these modules under themes:

Understand the past

People and society

Health and wellbeing


Tech of the future

Social challenges, social justice

Creativity, culture and literature

Investigating nature

For all elective modules, search the full elective modules listing.

How to apply

If your department or school allows you to take elective modules, you will hear about these at the start of Semester 2 when choosing modules for the following academic year. Browse the full elective modules listing and then apply for your chosen module.

Browse the full elective modules listing

In addition to your elective module, you will need to choose a ‘backup’ module in your home department as it is not always possible to timetable electives against your other modules.

Application deadline for 2024/25 modules: Saturday 9 March 2024

Missed the deadline? You may still apply for York Interdisciplinary Modules after the deadline of the 9 March. For all other modules, you should contact the module owning department to check they are able to take applications after the deadline and liaise with your home department. 

Apply to take an elective module

Please note: requests for electives in the current academic year (2023/24) should be directed to the department running the module and not via the above application form.

When you apply, your department and the department who runs the module you’ve selected will automatically be notified.

You are automatically approved to study York Interdisciplinary Modules (YIMs). However, places on the other categories of elective modules are subject to approval from both departments, space being available and timetabling.

For Semester 1, once the initial timetable has been released at the end of July, we will work on timetabling your elective module choice and you should hear by the end of August.

For Semester 2, you should hear by the start of January.

Elective modules by department Departmental contact Email
Archaeology Programmes Administrator (UG) archaeology-ug@york.ac.uk
Programmes Administrator (PG) archaeology-pg@york.ac.uk
School of Arts and Creative Technologies Student Support Administrator act-ug-admin@york.ac.uk 
Biology Student Support Administrator  
Centre for Medieval Studies
Student Support Administrator
Centre for Women's Studies Student Support Administrator cws@york.ac.uk 
Chemistry Student Support Administrator chem-ug-office@york.ac.uk 
Computer Science Undergraduate Administrator cs-ug-admin@york.ac.uk
Economics and Related Studies Student Services Team econ-ug-enquiries@york.ac.uk
Education Student Support Administrator  education-undergraduate-administrator@york.ac.uk 
English and Related Literature
Undergraduate modules
Student Support Administrator english-enquiries@york.ac.uk
Environment and Geography  Student Support team environment-ugstudents@york.ac.uk
Health Sciences
Postgraduate modules
Student Support Administrator dohs-pgt-support@york.ac.uk 

Student Services Team Support Administrator

History of Art Student Support Administrator history-of-art@york.ac.uk
Language and Linguistic Science Student Support Administrator lls-ug-enquiries@york.ac.uk 
Languages at York Student Support Administrator languages@york.ac.uk
York Law School Undergraduate Programme Admin Team law-ug-admin@york.ac.uk
Mathematics Student Support Administrator maths-enquiries@york.ac.uk 
Philosophy Student Support Administrator philosophy@york.ac.uk 
Student Support Administrator
School of Physics, Engineering and Technology Student Support Administrator phys-ugadmin@york.ac.uk 
School for Business and Society Student Support Administrator sbs-ug@york.ac.uk

Student Support Administrator

York Interdisciplinary Modules (YIMs)
Student Support Administrator