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This section of the website is about academic integrity and will help you gain the skills needed to reference and approach your assignments with confidence. It is part of a package of resources to help you develop the skills you need to study successfully.

Online Integrity Tutorials

All students at the University of York must complete an Online Integrity Tutorial. There are different tutorials depending on your level of study which will provide the essential information for good practice and avoiding misconduct. Find out more here.

Good Academic Practice 

All students at the University of York are expected to uphold the core values of academic integrity and display good academic practice in their work. Students can often struggle to understand what plagiarism and collusion are and how to avoid these types of academic misconduct. Find out how here.

If you have checked out the resources on this website and still have questions about integrity, referencing or turnitin usage, you can email

Referencing Guidance

All students at the University of York are expected to write to the highest academic standard and referencing plays an essential role in that process. Find out which referencing style your department expects and learn how to reference effectively here. 


Turnitin Text-matching Software

All students can have access to Turnitin text matching software to help develop writing skills and the integration of source material into assignments - but you must attend a one hour workshop first. Find out how to book your place here.

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