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Academic misconduct 

The Policy is the responsibility of the Standing Committee on Assessment, and will be reviewed periodically.

If there are any questions about the policy or its implementation, they should be directed to the Assistant Registrar: Student Progress at

Students being investigated for academic misconduct are advised to contact York SU Advice and Support.

Current Policy:

Please note the new guidance on Generative AI will be uploaded soon.

Previous Policies:

Fitness to Practise Policy

Fitness to Practise Policy Flow chart

Academic Misconduct Policy 2022-23 (PDF , 1,675kb)

Information for Departments

For general queries about Academic Misconduct - please email 

Reporting a case (new for Jan 2023): To report suspected academic misconduct, a member of staff from the department must:

  1. Click on the link below - this will generate a copy of the template;
  2. Change the title of the document to include the name of department and student's Examination Number or Student number;
  3. Complete section 1 of the template;
  4. Share the document with (make them editors of the document) but uncheck the notify people box - this provides the team with access to the document;
  5. Send an email to including the link to the Google Document and any supporting evidence (it is important to send the email rather than just sharing the document as emails create a better paper trail and you can see that it has been sent).
  6. For cases where there is more than one student involved (eg. collusion), then 2 case documents will need to be submitted.

Google Template for opening a case

Student reporting of academic misconduct: If you are a student who wishes to report academic misconduct, you should do so by reporting it to the department.

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