Academic misconduct 

The Policy is the responsibility of the Standing Committee on Assessment, and will be reviewed periodically.

If there are any questions about the policy or its implementation, they should be directed to the Assistant Registrar: Student Progress at

Students being investigated for academic misconduct are advised to contact the YUSU Advice and Support Centre at or the GSA Representation, Advice and Welfare Coordinator at

Academic Misconduct Policy, Guidelines and Procedures 2018/19 (PDF  , 643kb)

This includes the in-term amendment by SCA for the consideration of mitigating circumstances in relation to penalties for academic misconduct. This amendment is applicable to all case from the start of the 2018/19 academic year.

Academic Misconduct Policy, Guidelines and Procedures Revised for 2017_18 (PDF  , 760kb)

Academic Misconduct Policy, guidelines and procedures 2016/17 (PDF  , 1,078kb)

Fitness to Practice Policy (PDF  , 138kb)

Fitness to Practise Policy Flow chart (PDF  , 179kb)

Information for Departments

To report suspected academic misconduct, please send an email to  The following template has been developed to help you provide the information that Academic Misconduct administrators and panels need.

 Template for Opening a Case (PDF  , 139kb)

Information for StAMP Panels

These letters to students have been developed to help StAMP panel chairs ensure that such documents cover all necessary points. Please note that it is advisable to keep copies of all letters sent:  this is particularly important if academic misconduct is found in pieces of work subsequently submitted by students.

Failure of module after StAMP investigation (MS Word  , 43kb)

Mark of zero after StAMP investigation (MS Word  , 25kb)

Marks cap after preliminary StAMP investigation (MS Word  , 27kb)

No case to answer after StAMP investigation (MS Word  , 26kb)

No case to answer after StAMP investigation (MS Word  , 26kb)

Notice of investigation and requesting statement (MS Word  , 33kb)

Notice of investigation and requesting statement- SECOND OFFENCE (MS Word  , 27kb)

Outcome of StAMP investigation - marks cap (MS Word  , 27kb)

Indicators to Insert (MS Word  , 6kb)

Probationary module - suspicion and penalty (MS Word  , 25kb)