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Extension of enrolment

Undergraduates and Postgraduate Taught

Programme extensions

Programme extensions (taught students)

A programme extension can be recommended where a student cannot complete the programme within the normal timescale (by their enrolment end-date).

Programme extensions to complete outstanding coursework at the end of the programme normally require Special Cases Committee approval if the new programme end date is more than 6 months beyond the student's original programme end date - for the duration of the Covid-19 situation, however, Special Cases Committee is temporarily suspending its involvement in the extensions process, so all extensions can be approved by Boards of Studies.

If a programme extension is recommended then a recommendation for an aegrotat degree can only subsequently be made if there are continuing medical or compassionate circumstances, which will prevent the student from completing the required assessments within a reasonable time frame. The student will otherwise pass or fail the classified degree on the basis of their academic position at the end of the programme extension. (This paragraph only applies to Undergraduate degrees.)

Extensions are usually taken 'out of residence' unless attendance at teaching is a requirement.


Application process for students

ALL extension requests should come about as a result of either:

  1. A student submitting an exceptional circumstances claim which is then upheld and the remedy for the claim includes a submission deadline extension which goes beyond the student’s current programme end date.
  2. OR as an adjustment approved by a Student Support Plan, a departmental disability officer approves a submission deadline extension which goes beyond a student’s current programme end date.


Students should not therefore be required to complete any programme extension application paperwork - this should be completed by their academic department.

How to apply

How to apply 

Covid-19 update

For the duration of the Covid-19 situation a simpler extensions form for all taught extensions is in use - this still needs to be completed by Boards of Studies and sent to Student Records so that a student's record can be updated.

 Taught Extension Application form - temporary Covid-19 period form (MS Word , 10kb)

This form should be sent to Student Records who will then process the request.

Please note: Taught students should first submit any extension requests to the Exceptional Circumstances Affecting Assessment (ECA) Committee by completing an Exceptional Circumstances claim form.   

Who to contact

Special Cases team