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Student Check-In

We are an inclusive and welcoming place where students are proactively engaged and supported by academic and professional services departments. Check-In is a digital student engagement tool for York to improve student welfare and wellbeing by:

  • enabling early identification of students who may be experiencing difficulties or facing challenges that impact on their engagement
  • creating a proactive support system that will allow us to promptly reach out to students who may require additional assistance.

Check-In is a key part of the University’s Student Academic Engagement and Wellbeing Policy which was approved by the University Teaching Committee in July 2023.

How does Check-In work?

Check-In works by students entering a code at the start of a timetabled session to register their session engagement. This code will have been pre-generated by teaching staff in advance or at the very start of the session.

Teaching staff receive an email the day before each timetabled session prompting them to log into the Check-In system and generate a code. It takes approximately six seconds to generate a code (watch our demo video).

The code can then be shared with students at the start of a session, either on presentation slides or written up on a board in the teaching room.

Do not share codes with students outside the event as this may limit our ability to help students who are struggling.

Students are asked to use Check-In to register their engagement at all on-campus timetabled activities (apart from the exceptions outlined in the FAQs).

Accessing Check-In

Enter your University email address and password (and Duo authentication) if prompted.

Student Academic Engagement and Wellbeing - policy and procedure

The University monitors students’ engagement on their programmes in order to quickly identify those who may be experiencing difficulties. This enables us to offer more timely interventions to support students with any academic, wellbeing or welfare issues that may be inhibiting engagement. Read our policy for more details.

Students use the digital engagement tool, Check-In, to register attendance in their teaching sessions. Where there are repeated low levels of engagement, departments/schools should follow the Student Academic Engagement and Wellbeing Procedure:

Check-In wellbeing calls

Student engagement is monitored over a five-week period from the start of semester and then again over the second half of the semester.

If there is continued low engagement, student support services will get in touch to offer support and advice. These phone calls and emails help us identify students' concerns and signpost to relevant support. The calls are from +44 (0)1904 809578.

Phased project approach

Phase 1 of this project applies to in-person timetabled teaching events only. Future phases will consider additional engagement points for students, including online sessions, standalone sessions and induction events, as well as the possibility of integrating information such as failed assessments and non-submissions into a student engagement dashboard. 

Support materials

See how the Check-In system works in practice for staff and students with our guides, videos and FAQs.

How to generate Check-In codes

Explore our step-by-step guide and short video to see how you can generate codes in five easy steps.

Guide for generating codes

How to access Check-In reports

For Teaching staff: a step-by-step guide and video showing you how to access reports. 

Guide to accessing reports

Guides for Professional Services staff

Step-by-step guides on common processes used by PS staff:

How to access reports (PS staff)

Check-In access process

Flow dashboards


Our FAQs page covers questions about using Check-In (departments, staff and students), purpose and timings, as well as integration and data protection.

Read FAQs

Additional system features

Find out how to add or remove students from sessions, search for staff members, log absences and learn about co-located events.

See additional system features

Guide to absence management in Check-In (PDF , 279kb)

Guidance and resources for students

You can signpost students to our dedicated student page which explains Check-In, and contains a demonstration video and relevant FAQs.

Information for students


Students should contact their departmental admin team in the first instance with any Check-In questions. All other queries can be directed to