Accessibility statement

Financial problems or queries

Students with money worries could have difficulties in concentrating on their day-to-day activities and making the most of their time at University.

What should you look out for?

Students may come to you because they do not know who to speak to about their student loan, fees, bursaries or scholarships. Signs of worry or a drop in performance could indicate that your student is struggling financially.

What should you do?

  1. If the student or applicant is seeking general information about a finance issue
    Refer the student to the student finance webpage
  2. If the student wants to speak to a student finance specialist for advice about their individual circumstances
    Direct the student to the Student Advisers in the Student Hub using the student advice self-referral form

Student advice self-referral form

What happens next?

The University’s student finance specialist can advise on a wide range of issues and liaise directly with external organisations. In some circumstances, student may qualify for an emergency loan or the hardship fund.