Academic progress: research students

A student in a lab coat doing research, reaching for plants in a jar.

Confimation of PhD enrolment 

Research students who embarked on a PhD or EngD programme prior to 1 September 2016 are initially enrolled provisionally for that qualification. It is the responsibility of the student’s Thesis Advisory Panel to recommend whether or not the student’s enrolment for the PhD or EngD should be confirmed. 

Thesis Advisory Panel

Research students are required to attend two TAP meetings (once every six months) each year that they are enrolled. 

Resources and training

  • The Supporting students webpages provide advice and guidance for assisting students experiencing a range of difficulties.
  • The YGRS Welfare page also outlines various avenues of support for students experiencing difficulties, and provides a useful resource for sign-posting students to sources of help. 
  • Mental Health First Aid training is available to all staff. This can be booked via the Learning Management System (log in and search for Mental Health and select either the full (15 hour) or lite (3.5 hour) version of the course to see and book on to upcoming sessions).

Who to contact

Interruptions to academic progress

The progress of a student on their course may be impeded for a variety of reasons, from acute personal difficulties to lack of interest.

The York Graduate Research School (YGRS) webpages have advice on how to support the following potential interruptions to academic progress: leave of absence, extensions, programme transfers and changes to mode of attendance.

Fitness to study

The Fitness to study policy applies to situations where there are concerns that a student is not well enough to study, including situations where a student is unaware that they are not well enough to study.

Withdrawing from programme, and termination/assumed withdrawals

Withdrawal is the term we use where students decide to permanently leave the university prior to completion of the award for which they are registered, for either personal or academic reasons.

Information for students

Guidance on academic progress issues can be found in the Graduate Research School site.