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OPEN LECTURES: Black History Month | devolution | Circular Malton

Posted on 16 October 2020

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Isaac Julien film screening
Tuesday 20 October 2020
To mark Black History Month, Norman Rea Gallery and the History of Art Department invite you to an exclusive screening of two moving image works, Who Killed Colin Roach? (1983) and Derek (2009) by acclaimed British artist and filmmaker Isaac Julien.

Composite formations: Sigmund Freud’s picture of Rome
Wednesday 21 October 2020
Whitney Davis talks about Sigmund Freud's fascination with the archaeology and history of the ancient city of Rome.

Masterclass presentation: Circular Malton - Engaging people and driving change
Wednesday 21 October 2020
Exploring how to initiate broad community engagement in environmental change and how to unlock business managers’ mindsets to make environmental change a priority.

Revolutionary love, revolutionary weddings: Marriage in the Black Panther Party
Wednesday 21 October 2020
Dr Traci Parker discusses her exciting new book project, Beyond Loving: Love, Sex, and Marriage in the Black Freedom Movement.

Funerals from an expert perspective
Thursday 22 October 2020
Find out about new research which indicates that it is important not to be prescriptive about what bereaved people 'need' from a funeral.

A dis-United Kingdom: The nationalist perspective on devolution
Thursday 22 October 2020
In a time when the fabric of the Union is being stretched by the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit, what is the future for the favoured Unionist policy for dealing with independence claims?

England’s hidden history
Friday 23 October 2020
Among the glamour and intrigue that surrounds the Tudor period is the untold story of people of African descent who lived and worked throughout England – not as slaves but as members of society.

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