Our research is concerned with the representation, interpretation and evaluation of culture.

We consider how specific cultural forms and values are made and lived in practice. Our research spans a range of topics from popular culture and everyday life to cultural institutions and industries.

We challenge and assess ongoing social and cultural changes; critically analysing transformations of media and citizenship, social inequalities and trends. Our work evaluates cultural participation, engagement and disengagement on an international scale.  


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Dr Anna Strhan
Reader in Sociology

+44 (0)1904 32 3040

  • Dr Miranda Armstrong
    Family & women's relationships, Intersectional inequalities, The life course

  • Victor Avila Torres 
    Digital media, culture, music consumption

  • Dr Eliran Bar-El
    Social Theory, Cultural Sociology, Sociology of Intellectual Interventions

  • Dr Kath Bassett
    Ethnographic, Qualitative & Digital Methods, ANT, Foucauldian & Posthuman feminist theories, Digital technologies, Locative media platforms & algorhythmic Governmentality, Cities, Cultural-economic development & tourism, Emotions, affect & the psy disciplines, Masculinities & transgender issues/politics

  • Professor David Beer   
    Popular culture, new media cultures, cultural theory, digital methods

  • Dr Christina Buse
    Embodiment, Ageing, Dementia, Material culture & technology

  • Dr Emma Casey
    Social & cultural history of consumption, Gambling, Sociological studies of domestic life & experiences.

  • Dr Sangeeta Chattoo
    Global health, Genetic disorders, Reproductive technologies, Race, ethnicity and citizenship, Ethnographic and biographical methods.

  • Dr James Cummings
    Gender, sexuality & identity.

  • Dr Peter Gardner
  • Contentious politics (protest, revolt, revolution, civil war), postconflict societies, ethnic and racial studies, symbolic objects, environmental movements.
  • Dr Patricia Hamilton
    Black feminist theory, Parenting culture studies & reproduction, Intersectional politics of early parenting, Black feminist research methodologies, Assisted reproductive technologies & their intersection with race & parenting.

  • Dr Christine Jackson-Taylor
    Gender & sexuality, Faith & religion, Narrative research, Identity & self.

  • Dr Joanna Malone
    Religion & non-religion, Ageing & the life-course, Inter-generational research, End of life, Citizenship & belonging.

  • Dr Daryl Martin
  • Architectural theory, cultural geography, social and cultural theory, urban sociology.
  • Dr Emily Nicholls
    Gender & identity, Femininities, Consumption & the night time economy, Alcohol & sobriety.

  • Dr Raphaël Nowak
    Culture, Music consumption, Digital technologies, Materiality, Popular culture heritage
  • Dr Tom O'Brien
  • Environmental sociology, democratisation, social movements and political leadership.
  • Dr Amanda Rees
    Social theory, Sociology of science, Popular understanding of science, History of primatology.

  • Dr Ayshka Sene
    The history & memory of the Second World War in France & Britain, National identity & belonging in France, Oral history theory & practice.

  • Dr Katy Sian
  • De/Postcolonialism, Race and Ethnicity, Culture, Identity and Diaspora.
  • Dr Anna Strhan
  • Sociology of religion, non-religion, morality ethics and values, evangelicalism, religion and parenting.

Gaming, rituals interaction with popular culture, religion, death and the undead.

Online communities, death and dying, virtual spaces, digital archiving.

Community and belonging, feminist urban research, marginalisation.

Social media politics, democracy, populism culture.

Class and immigration studies, social theory.

See Lyndsey's paper of digital technology and virtual spaces below:

Digital Technology and Virtual Spaces (MS Word , 43kb)

Cultural Criminology, trangression studies, Queer Carnivalesque' / 'Folk' culture, Groteskology.

Political Sociology, social movements, climate crisis, future studies.

  • Zainab Maqbool

Sociology of Religion, intersectional identities.

Music sociology, Music and gender, Music and nostalgia, Music and mortality, Reception theory.

Urban sociology, spaces of female street-based sex work.

Migration and Diaspora, Islamophobia and War on Terror, Politics of Transnationalism, Multiculturalism.

The gendered presentation of death and dying in contemporary comic books.

Scientific knowledge production, Knowledge dissemination, Transformation of academic work.

School architecture, Educational spaces, Educational pedagogy.

  • Cath Stinton

Emotional culture, Emotion work, Emotional methodologies, Latin American studies.

Subcultural and music sociology study.

Urban Sociology, Self-build, Tiny Houses.

Visual Culture, Food, Photography on Social Media, Digital Culture, Popular Culture, Consumer Culture.


Project spotlights

Our diverse and extensive research is documented in our research archive.

Contact us

Dr Anna Strhan
Reader in Sociology

+44 (0)1904 32 3040