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...Curb[kurb]: the edge or margin of a road, the limit of a thoroughfare 

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1 May 2019
W/222 Wentworth College
Making Ageing a Positive Experience
Dr Katherine Brookfield, Lecturer in Human Geography, University of York

8 May 2019
RCH/017 Ron Cooke Hub
The 'Haves' and the 'Have Yachts' (PDF , 1,450kb)

22 May 2019
W/222 Wentworth College
The Slow Violence of Displacement on London's Gentrification Frontier
Professor Phil Hubbard, Professor of Urban Studies, King's College London


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Mediterranean Migrant Crisis to a Europe Without Borders?

Leoluca Orlando & Simon Parker

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Richard Webber: CURB Annual Pulic Lecture

J.G Ballard: Concrete Island 40 Years On


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