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Curb[kurb]: the edge or margin of a road, the limit of a thoroughfare 


2 June 2021
Online (Zoom)
The limits to Urban Revolution: The Transformation of Ankara, Turkey, under the Justice and Development Party
Dr Mustafa Kemal Bayırbağ, Dr Seth Schindler and Dr Mehmet Penpecioğlu

12 May 2021
Online (Zoom)
Controlling the capital city: Understanding strategies for the pursuit of urban dominance
Dr Tom Goodfellow and Dr David Jackman

29 January 2020
W/222 Wentworth College
Why cities look the way they do
Professor Richard J. Williams

15 January 2020
W/N/222 Wentworth College
Techno and the Teufelsberg: Excavating Berlin's Cold War
Professor John Schofield

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Mediterranean Migrant Crisis to a Europe Without Borders?

Leoluca Orlando & Simon Parker

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Richard Webber: CURB Annual Pulic Lecture

J.G Ballard: Concrete Island 40 Years On


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