We are internationally renowned for our research in language and communication.

We specialise in basic and applied conversation analysis, discourse analysis and the study of gesture in interaction.

Our longstanding national and international collaborations are strengthened through our work at the Centre for Advanced Studies in Language and Communication.

Our research has considered language and interaction within:

  • medical practice
  • the Department for Work and Pensions
  • maternity services
  • laboratory-based psychological experiments
  • the social organisation of musical masterclasses
  • identity management in young women's conversation
  • online social media platforms
  • paranormal experience
  • counselling settings.


  • Dr Darren Reed
  • Human-computer interaction, health and intelligent communication systems, social informatics, performativity and identity.

Post-Conflict Societies, Ethnic and Racial Identities, Language Negotiation, Language Attitudes, Discourse Analysis, Neuroimaging Research Analysis.

Sleep Paralysis, Mystical Experiences, Metaphysical and Paranormal Phenomena.

Grassroots community organisations, Conversation analysis, Ontology and research methodology, Feminism for women's liberation.

Scientific knowledge production, Knowledge dissemination, Transformation of academic work, Research and academic practices.

Project spotlights

Our diverse and extensive research is documented in our research archive.