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Dr Clare Jackson
Senior Lecturer



  • BSc Psychology (Lancashire Polytechnic)
  • MA Psychology (Open)
  • PhD Sociology (York)

I have been at York since 2005, first as a PhD student, then as a Teaching Fellow. I took up a lectureship in 2013. My teaching includes conversation analysis (CA) and modules attached to the social psychology pathway. I am the course leader for the degree in Sociology with Social Psychology.

My PhD combined my interests in interaction, identity and gender, and used CA to examine gendered person references in mundane interaction. In part, this work was a response to, and a critique of, the notion that gendered speakers always-already produce gendered talk. Since then, I have been using CA to study the interactional accomplishment of decision-making in clinical settings. From 2015-2017 I worked on a project which analysed the ways that choice is (not) offered in neurology consultations. Since 2017, I have been working on the ways that decisions are made in the interaction between labouring women, their birth partners and healthcare practitioners in midwifery-led units.



My main research interest is the application of Conversation Analysis to mundane and institutional settings. In particular:

  • Gender and language
  • References to persons and matters of turn-design more broadly
  • Pragmatic relationship between form and function of talk-in-interaction
  • Feminist work using CA: Complexities, challenges and compatibilities
  • Institutional interaction
  • Decision making in clinical settings
  • Childbirth


Selected publications

  • Jones, D., Drew, W. P., Jackson, C. and Wilkinson, R. (2019) Variation and interactional non-standardisation in neuropsychological tests: The case of the Addenbrooke’s cognitive examination. Qualitative Health Research
  • Reuber, M., Chappell, P. J., Jackson, C. and Toerien, M. G. (2018) Evaluating nuanced practices for initiating decision making in neurology clinics: A mixed-methods study. Health Services and Delivery Research
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Conference Papers
  • Jackson, C. (2010) Placing known others at a distance in order to complain: A marked use of non-recognitional person reference. Abstract submitted to the Social Psychology Section Annual Conference, British Psychological Society, September 2010
  • Jackson, C. and Jones, D. (2010) Well they had a couple of bats to be truthful: Well-prefaced self-repairs in managing precision in interaction. Paper accepted to the International Conference in Conversation Analysis, Manheim, July 2010
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Book Reviews
  • Review of Speer, S. A. (2005) Gender talk: Feminism, discourse and conversation analysis. London: Routledge. Feminism & Psychology, 2006, 16, 4:501-504
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I was pathway lead for the undergraduate programme in Sociology with Social Psychology from 2012 to 2019 and contribute teaching across this degree. I also teach modules in conversation analysis.

Clare Jackson

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