YorJourney is the final module for completers of either Next Step York, YorWay to York, York Experience Summer School, Black Access or Pathways to Medicine programmes to help unlock their alternative offer for the University of York.

What is YorJourney?

YorJourney is an invite-only module designed to support participants through the transition from sixth form or college to university. During the module, participants will have the opportunity to take part in live Zoom sessions focusing on myth-busting, academic skills and wellbeing. Participants will also get the chance to write and submit an academic assignment to practise their academic skills.

Completing the YorJourney module will not only prepare a participant for university life, but can also be the final step in unlocking the alternative offer, a benefit afforded to students who have successfully completed one of the eligible widening access programmes and YorJourney.

YorJourney takes place online over a period of three weeks. For 2024, YorJourney will start on Monday 24 June and our final online event will be around Friday 12 July.  We'll be in contact with eligible students in early May with joining information.


Contact us

If you have any questions about YorJourney, please get in contact with the team and we will get back to you as soon as we can.



The Myth-busting strand will be delivered by our partners Grit (grit.org). Grit aims to boost your self-esteem and encourage you to see all your future possibilities. Grit will challenge your assumptions about yourself and university and provide a safe space to talk about your doubts, fears and concerns about university and all the new challenges that come with it.

The Wellbeing strand will focus on how you can look after yourself and your wellbeing whilst at university. There will always be a lot going on with studies, socialising, extra-curricular activities and household tasks, so it's important that you can prioritise your mental health.

The Academic Skills strand will give you an insight into what university study is like. You will take part in an academic seminar, which will involve small-group discussions with your peers and an assigned tutor. You will also take part in a session to introduce you to academic writing and referencing.

The Academic Assignment is a 1500-word essay set by a university academic at York. This is a great opportunity to develop academic writing skills and gain first-hand experience of university study. You will be matched to a postgraduate tutor who will offer support and guidance on research, essay structure and referencing.


You will be invited to take part in YorJourney if all the following criteria are applicable to you:

  • You have successfully completed the first year of one of the following widening access programmes
    • Next Step York
    • YorWay to York
    • York Experience Summer School
    • Black Access
    • Pathways to Medicine


  • You have applied to study at University of York and received an offer from us
  • You have confirmed the University of York as your firm or insurance choice (firm choice only for Medicine applicants)

You will be notified if you are eligible by the YorJourney Team via direct email in the Spring before YorJourney begins in late June. For example, if you started the Next Step York programme in December 2022, if eligible, you will be notified in Spring 2024. This will start the sign up process, so please keep an eye on your emails and get in touch with the YorJourney team if you have any questions

Completing YorJourney

Completing YorJourney typically consists of the following

  • Attending compulsory live Zoom sessions on at least two different strands.
  • Writing and submitting a reflective log for each of the completed strands.
  • Writing and submitting an overall reflective short essay on your experience of YorJourney.
  • Completing the Next Steps MOOC.

Please note applicants who have been accepted on to the Medicine with a Gateway Year at the Hull York Medical School will be invited to take part in YorJourney but will not need to complete it to receive their alternative offer.

Next Steps to University

The Next Steps MOOC is designed to guide you through what to expect when you arrive at university. You will hear from recent graduates and get some top tips on living independently, making friends, budgeting and much more.

Contact us

If you have any questions about YorJourney, please get in contact with the team and we will get back to you as soon as we can.