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Our research looks into the mental structures and representations underlying human language processing.

Examples of questions we are trying to answer include:

  • How does the listener identify words and word boundaries in connected speech?
  • What information is stored in the mental "dictionary"?
  • What changes take place to the lexicon during language development?
  • How do people combine the meanings of words to understand sentences?
  • How is language mapped, as it unfolds in time, onto the visual world?
  • How are computational models of sequence learning relevant for understanding natural language development and its processing?
  • How do we translate our thoughts into speech in language production?
  • Does the language we speak influence the way we think?
  • What brain mechanisms underlie the production and comprehension of language?
  • What is the relationship between production and comprehension processes?
These pages provide further details of who we are and what we are interested in. If you have any comments or questions, please contact Gerry Altmann, Gareth Gaskell or Silvia Gennari.

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