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Open research

Our department is committed to using and supporting open research practices. Open research refers to a range of practices that aim to make research and its output as transparent and freely accessible as possible.  Examples of open research practice from our department include:

Open Science Interest Group

Within the department, we have a dedicated Open Science Interest Group consisting of research-related administrative staff, PhD students, postdoctoral research associates and faculty. We meet regularly to discuss and share different open research practices. We also monitor the use of open research practices in our department as well as the challenges people might experience when implementing these practices.

In addition, we offer support for those who wish to engage in open science by organising workshops, sharing educational resources, and offering peer support. We aim to support people in different stages of their career and people with or without experience with open research practices. Our group also plays a leading role in promoting the university's open research culture. Several people in our department are also part of the University's Open Research Advocates group, which aims to promote and support open research practices across disciplines within the University. 


The department also hosts a ReproducibiliTea journal club, which provides an informal forum to discuss questions related to open research and reproducibility. ReproducibiliTea is an initiative supported by the UK Reproducibility Network, and there are now more than 50 journal clubs across the world. We meet fortnightly on Thursdays at 12pm, and welcome researchers from across disciplines (including other departments) to join the discussion. For more information or to join the mailing list, please email

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