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Early Career Researchers Forum


What is the Early Career Researcher Forum?

The ECR Forum provides support and training for researchers in the early stages of their careers - from PhD students and RAs to postdocs, teaching fellows, and first-position lecturers.

Every semester we aim to host several academic and career workshops as well as social events to enrich both professional and social life in the department.  All our planned events can be found on the Events tab.


The ECR has an email list to which we advertise all of our events and useful information.  To be added to the list please contact the ECR Forum Chair (see below).

If you would like more information, have ideas to about events to run or have some issues to raise then please get in touch.

The ECR committee meets once per semester to organize the events for the following semester and discuss any issues that may have arisen. The dates/times of these meeting are usually communicated through the ECR mailing list a few days in advance. If you are not in the committee but have something to say, you can get in touch with the ECR Chair ahead of the meeting and they will ensure to include the discussion in the meeting agenda.  To be added to the list, please contact the ECR Forum Chair or Deputy Chair (see below).

Key contacts

  • ECR Forum Co-Chair
    Vanessa Keller (
  • ECR Forum Co-Chair
    Ewan Murray (
  • ECR Champion
    Alex Pike (Lecturer,
  • Font of all knowledge
    Vicki Hensel (Administrator,


ECR Forum Events

We’re always open to suggestions for events, however novel! Contact any member of the ECR Forum Committee with your ideas.


Coffee Club
Fridays, 3pm, Staff Common Room (PS/A002)

Each week we meet for a relaxed chat with home-baked goodies.

Organiser: Cátia Ferreira De Oliveira.  Please contact Cátia if you would like to volunteer to bake.

Meet the Speaker (External seminars)
Tuesdays, 3pm, Staff Common Room (PS/A002)

To accompany the Departmental Seminar Series organised by Professor Sven Mattys, the ECR Forum hold Meet the Speaker.  This is an informal session where we can meet and chat to external speakers who are visiting the department.  The purpose is to provide a friendly environment in which you can talk about work and careers with the speaker.  This is valuable event to learn about academic life around the world and to make useful contacts - at least two postdoc positions have come from these sessions!

Organisers: Sarah Knight, Elaine van Rijn, Emma James


Welcome Drinks for new PhD Students

Christmas Party

Secret Santa

Pub Quiz

Wine Tasting

Sports Day & BBQ

Karaoke & Games Night


Teaching and Admin Track in Academia

Academic Events and Workshops

‘Alumni in Industry Networking Event’

Remaining in Academia


Viva & Grant Writing

AI & Machine Learning

Writing a CV

Interview Skills

Using Social Media

Open Science / Open Access

Bayesian Statistics

R Toolbox

Small Steps to Reproducibility

ECR Forum Library

ECR Forum Library

The ECR has a small library of useful textbooks for loan.  We have books on Matlab, R, event-related potentials and structural equation modelling.  You’re welcome to borrow the books - just sign them out on the accompanying sheet.  The library is currently looking for a new home so please get in touch if you’d like to borrow anything.

Get in touch if there are texts that you think we should acquire. We’re also open to donations of books.

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