Research Ethics

No data collection of any kind can be undertaken without the explicit approval granted by the Departmental Ethics Committee. The Committee comprises members of faculty together with several lay members. The Committee convenes formally twice a year to approve undergraduate projects and masters projects. In addition, from time-to-time, we also call upon the lay members to offer opinions about the kind of work we wish to undertake. Their advice has been invaluable in informing decisions about the suitability of our planned research and, in particular, our planned research involving children. Projects concerning non-human animal experimentation are considered by a sub-panel of the Ethical Committee in the Biology Department and experiments on brain imaging are considered by YNiC’s Ethical Committee. Projects to be undertaken by faculty, post-doctoral and doctoral researchers are considered on an ad hoc basis throughout the year by an Ethics sub-panel comprising members of faculty.

Further information about the Committee and our work with children can be found here.