Being a Participant

Many areas of research in the Psychology Department rely on collecting data from human participants. Often these experiments are computer-based, and are run in labs in the department. For example, we might wish to determine people's reaction times when confronted with speech, or text or visual images. In other cases, experiments can be run over the internet, and in a few cases, all that's needed is a pen and paper.

Our participants come from three sources.

  • Undergraduate students
    First and second year undergraduates are required to participate in a set number of hours worth of experiments each term, and can choose to take part in further experiments on a paid basis (our Subject Panel.)
  • University members
    We have a university-wide email list of people who we call on when we need participants (Psychology Subjects Mailing List),again in return for a small payment. In both cases, we advertise and book participants using a web-based booking system (peebs). For more information see the links below.
  • External people
    People who are not members of the university who wish to be involved with our experiments can apply to join the subject panel.

The York Neuroimaging Centre (YNiC) also runs experiments and is looking for volunteers

Being an Undergraduate Researcher

At York we aim to give our undergraduates a solid background in research, encouraging them to develop their research skills throughout their studies, working in labs and with skilled research staff. For example, we run the Undergraduate Summer Research Bursary Scheme to give students first-hand experience of working as a member of one of the Department's research groups.

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