Comparative Politics and Public Policy

Our research expertise engages with a number of salient themes in current academic discourse, including governance, government, democracy, leadership, political parties, state capacity, policy design, the delivery of public services and regulation.  This expertise cuts across many geo-political levels (international, regional, national and local) and is applied to a range of policy areas, such as environment and climate change, security, economic transformation, welfare and education.

Recent news & events 

24 January, 4pm-5.30pm 
Dr Eli Gateva: 'Democracy after Accession: Does the EU matter?'

28 February, 3.30pm-5.00pm 
Dr Alejandro Pena, 'Political Parties and Social Mobilisation: A new typology of party-protest interactions'

15 March, 12noon-1.30pm
Dr Claire Smith: 'The comparative politics of ethnic conflict resolution during authoritarian transitions in Asia

Membership (research students)

  • Fahad Al-Ghamdi
  • Eli Auslender
  • Sebastian Booth
  • Mihnea Catuti
  • Bhaksook Charoonsak
  • David Landon Cole
  • Ahmet Dalkiran
  • Hongyuan Du
  • Matthieu Foulon
  • Darrin McDonald
  • Obed Mendez Jeronimo
  • Pupak Mohebali
  • Omi Ongge
  • Stefanos Pentaras
  • Thomas Ron
  • Ponsah Saleh
  • Omran Shroufi
  • Fawzia Slimani
  • Xizi Wan
  • Ben Whisker
  • Mathew Wills