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Dr Christopher Featherstone
Associate Lecturer



Christopher Featherstone’s research fits at the intersection between International Relations, US and UK Foreign Policy, Foreign Policy decision-making, and policy-making. He has published on Foreign Policy Analysis, and US Presidential foreign policy decision-making. His current research builds on this, focusing on UK foreign policy decision-making structures, the Trump administration’s foreign policy legacy, and US Cyber foreign policy.

Before joining the Department of Politics and International Relations, Chris was a Senior Teaching Fellow in the Department of Politics and International Studies at SOAS. Chris has also taught at the LSE in the Department of Government, Department of International Relations, and the European Institute.

Chris holds a PhD from the Department of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Birmingham. His thesis used Foreign Policy Analysis models to explain the US and UK decision-making processes that led to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, and Chris is currently developing a book proposal based on his doctoral research.



Chris’s current research includes a paper examining the Trump Administration’s foreign policy legacy, positioning this legacy in relation to his predecessors in the White House. He is also developing a project examining President Bush’s leadership style in the deployment of the cyberweapon “Stuxnet” against the Iranian nuclear programme. He also has a book proposal under review with Manchester University Press.

Chris has an overarching focus on the role of individuals in foreign policy, examining how individuals influence foreign policy-making and the conduct of foreign policy. From this, he has an interest in Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA), and has recently published a chapter on FPA scholarship in the Global South.


Selected publications

Featherstone, C. (2022). Foreign Policy Analysis: Engagements outside of the West. In: Cooke, S. (2022). Non-Western Global Theories of International Relations. Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan.

Siniver, A., Featherstone, C. (2020). The Plutocrat President: Low-Conceptual Complexity and Trump’s Foreign Policy. Global Affairs. Volume 6, Issue 1.

Hassan, O. Featherstone, C. (2020). Trump’s low conceptual complexity leadership style and the vanishing ‘Unpredictability Doctrine’. Cambridge Review of International Affairs.



  • What is Politics?
  • The United States & Global Politics after the Cold War


  • Theories of the Policy Process


Other teaching

Chris has experience teaching courses on International Relations, Foreign Policy Analysis, US and UK foreign policy, Brexit, International Organisations, and Policy Making & Processes.

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Dr Chris Featherstone
Department of Politics and International Relations
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