Accessibility statement

Wellbeing, welfare and support

If you are feeling mentally or physically unwell then there is always someone you can talk to!

The Department of Politics and the University of York priorities student researchers and staff with support for mental and physical health and wellbeing.


You are not alone - many of us have felt low, distressed, ill, or unable to cope. This is not a failure, and identifying that you may need help is a very positive step.

Don't leave it too late - the sooner we understand there may be a need for support, the sooner we can help.

Don't worry - if you haven't attended lectures and may feel apprehensive about returning, feel like you are failing or if you have to take time away from work - there is support for you.

Be aware of support - this may be in the department, at the University, internally or externally through a range of networks - there are always options.